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  1. When Canada purchased the Centurions, they needed a good tank transporter and bought 4 M26A1 soft cabs and Martin Brothers F.8T. trailers around mid 1950's. The information that I have from different sources on the number go from 3-4-8 in total, last known photo that I have in use is 1968.....
  2. I will post some photos when I go see it later this week. Here in Canada it is one for one, when it comes to range targets.The Sherman was painted orange, and hit once, but is in really good shape. And, yes the ole Antar is a big target for the fly boys to hit..... Anthony
  3. My ole unit which has had this Type B, Antar for a few years with the hope of restoring it, but have traded it for a Sherman M4A2E8. And have just found out it will be painted orange and put on an air weapons range as a target.......:embarrassed: Anthony
  4. EDMONTON INTERNATIONAL AFV MODEL SHOW MILITARY OPEN HOUSE & VEHICLE DISPLAY · Scheduled for the second weekend in September 2011 will be held at a central location with lots of hotels and the Alberta Aviation Museum just across the street in Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA. · Will feature a Military open house and Military vehicle display. · Artists Ron Volstad and Robert Bailey will have an Artists corner for show and sell of limited edition prints. · GMAX clothing will be attending with a booth, plus many more vendors to follow. ·
  5. Anyone interested in Canadian Iltis Tech Manuals ? I have a few to get ride of .......... Anthony
  6. Gang If you need some small parts let me know as in my shop there is still some Canadian ILTIS parts kicking around the shop, even NOS trailer covers in NATO three cam. If interested shoot me a PM. Anthony
  7. From what I could get from the seller, there was some major components from the hull & turret as well, so as I can only pass on from what he has passed onto me, mix bag of parts and components. Tiger would have belonged to the( 505 not sure) that fought in the Kurtland pocket and was lost during the battle. Cheers Anthony
  8. The Tiger was found in parts from the bog, main gun and turret components in one area, the suspension components in another. Would require major work to re-build, but ya need a start point if it was to be re-built . Cheers Anthony
  9. I had a problem with my ole Leo hooked up with the mine rollers during a winter ex and going over a hill became a 48 ton sled that went all of the way down a hill , running over a pick up's front end and then crashing into the tree's......no injuries
  10. panzercommander


    The restoration was completed under the guidance of the Polish Military and with the Poznan Military Museum , with work done by volunters. Part 2 of the Stug 4 story will be in an upcoming issue of the Pathfinder Mag. Cheers Anthony
  11. Deal for parts seam to be going to Mr Wheatcroft...........................
  12. Looking Good so far, well done on the work. Cheers Anthony
  13. I have no other info from the seller about the parts, As the Museum that I work for has attempted to contact him as we were supoosed to aquire some Panther & Tiger tracks from him...........No news, will update when i know... Cheers Anthony
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