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Hi from The Netherlands


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My real name is Sander Vreuls and I'm a 22 year old student. I collect Soviet and Russian military gear in my spare time and I have an interest in vehicles and weapons of the eastbloc.


I was at W&P 2009 as part of a Russian Naval Infantry display where I met Neil. Our group had the chance to ride along with his OT-90 and do a display as well. He also gave us the chance to drive a bit ourselves. I'm hope to one day own a military vehicle as well, though my current status as student makes that a bit hard.


I also hope I can learn quite a bit from this forum and maybe dispense some knowledge about Russian stuff ;)

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Thanks for the welcome.


Next time will probably be next W&P, our team consisted of people from 5 nations who used W&P as a get together ;)

We are allready planning a lot for next year and learned a lot from this edition, next year will be bigger and better. We got a whole year of planning ahead of us so it should be good :)

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Oh btw, maybe something people are interested in..

A picture of my dad in Dutch military service, early 70s:





He used to do tank recovery, and told us tales about turning over tanks in Seedorf etc.. He disliked working on the Centurion, but loved working on the other stuff :-D

Dutch military was famous for it's lack of hair discipline.. as witnessed here:


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