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  1. Time to pick this up again. The project has been sitting around for too long this winter while I had other things on my mind. I'm now looking for a good seat for the motorcycle. Finding an original Mansfield will be almost impossible, so looking around for some alternatives that at least will look very similar. Does anyone have any suggestions ? regards, Bjorn
  2. It has been a while since I saw a paratrousers, but perhaps the knife/scabbard would get in the back of your knee while riding in the position shown in the picture? Hence the alternative carrying method. regards, Bjorn
  3. Hi Ron, I haven't overhauled the front wheel yet. Still bears color and tyre it came in. It was just easier for moving the ML around. Regards, Bjorn
  4. I did some work on the front mudguard and the fueltank. This is the result so far:
  5. Hi Sam, the villiers 9D engine is indeed a James ML engine. Dating an engine on the engine number is not easy, as the engines seem to have had varying numbers during the production. I would say that your engine is likely either an engine fitted to a 3rd contract ML, or a 1945 post war ML. the AAAxxxxA pre/suffix is unique to the ML, as far as I know. regards, Bjorn
  6. Hi Andy, I still need to sort out the nuts & bolts. As I don't have a lot of time to work on the ML I figured the bolts & nuts would be easy to replace in a later stage.
  7. After disassembling the ML, I started by sandblasting the parts. Main focus was getting the bare frame together. Added a 2K primer and top coat. Still need to paint some bolts & nuts.
  8. Nice work Guy. Great to see your projects coming together at a nice steady pace. regards, Bjorn
  9. Since I'm starting to take on my James ML's restoration, I decided to make a topic to share the progress with you guys. It will be the very first restoration for me, so I'm still learning along the way. As I picked it up: Hope you guys enjoy the topic. Kind regards, Bjorn
  10. Last week, while waiting for parts to come in, I found a bit of spare time and got a look at some paint on my ML's gear lever gate. During my search I noted that some restored ML's have a lighter shade of brown (SSC2 and BS499 ? ), then others. Found some pictures online of original unrestored James ML parts, and now I'm starting to think it 'might' be some original BS 499. The colour is dark brown, but with some kind of dark green-ish shade in it. I'd like your opinion on this colour. underneath there seems to be some kind of red primer. here's a photo of it: regards, Bjorn
  11. Very impresssive work you've done there Guy. Can't wait to see the final result. regards, Bjorn
  12. I've posted on the WD motorcycles forum recently, and the frame of my james could well be a military spare frame, but with some later on added parts to make it into a motorcycle after the war. No way of ever knowing this for certain tough. Now I'll get into the rebuild of the motorcycle. kind regards, Bjorn
  13. Hi Guy, Could you take the sample to W&W this weekend? I will be attending the show as a visitor this year. regards, Bjorn
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