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  1. Hi do not mix ac123 go to DLB with continuity check and find cables that way .sounds like you need to check batterys Ian
  2. Hi All , Looking for the front stowage bins for my Sabre
  3. How warm did you get engine .ive seen one that blew oil out when cold but once was hot ran ok, still used a wee bit of oil but nothing too much . how much oil are you losing anyway . i've a friend who got pistons and liners ex sweden and rebuilt his abbot without to much hassle
  4. I made my own by measuring and by guess work . works fine and done quite a few pack lifts both abbot and 432 . mostly out of 4x2 box
  5. Hi All , am looking for a wiring harness ,for my 432 the one from the DLB to the pack , if anyone has or knows if one is being broken thanks Ian
  6. Far as i'm aware a complete track weighs in at 1.5 tons
  7. I had similar problem ,turned out to be a generator which had seized and prevented engine fro turning ,best to check with either large adjustable or a 55mm socket.either problem will require pack out
  8. Hi Does anyone know who was selling chieftan GUE awhile back. i seem to remember an advert on milweb with someone selling them .
  9. Hi All , Wanted.Chieftan fuel pump ,not the one same as 432
  10. Hi I would also suspect carb diaphrams also the ballast resistor and main HT lead
  11. I have towed mine about 1/2 mile slowly with no side effects . drove perfectly well after .
  12. I always disconnect pipes as i lift . don't forget throttle linkage and tie it to side so it doesn't fall down and get broken
  13. Hi, i have a couple that may interest you ,not road registered though . PM if you can't find any
  14. Hi , Sorry been busy , have taken 2 pics if you pm me a number then i will whatsapp them to you cheers Ian
  15. hi yes i've got 5o cal box contact me next week
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