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  1. Not wishing to risk upsetting the cordial relations we enjoy with our Kiwi brothers I limit my comment to :banghead:
  2. It could well be. In fact, it could well be this actual Pioneer also shown on the same site. A fascinating site thanks for posting. http://www.suezcanalzone.com/pics04.html
  3. We like 969 wreckers ! Welcome to the forum and please post some photographs of your Diamond T when you have the time. :tup::
  4. Only consult the manual as the very, very last resort. Welcome to the forum. You might like to consider starting a restoration blog. Reading these blogs is an excellent way for other forum members to waste time when they should be getting on with their own projects. http://www.hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/forumdisplay.php?f=22
  5. http://www.hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?t=7682
  6. Very nice too. Are there any 'photos of it with it's trailer already on the forum ? Thanks.
  7. That's gorgeous ! Maybe they should move the photo-shoot to Balmullo. Who's Gipsy is this ?
  8. Hanno, this is the nearest I've got. A Crossley with a Coles MkV1, 2 ton crane. I think the Leyland would have had a very similar crane. It certainly is the same scale of vehicle as the Retriever. Someone may have a photograph showing a Leyland Retriever with a crane mounted on the back.
  9. When I first saw this lorry, some eight or so years ago, it was fairly up together and had it's crane mounted on the back. It looked really sweet. The crane is no longer there, possibly, hopefully, being restored elsewhere. The overall condition has worsened after having been standing in the open for so long. It's in a yard on a trading estate in Devon. There can't be many of this type of lorry that have survived. I wonder what it's fate will be. By the way, your correspondent had to wrestle with half a dozen ferocious guard dogs to take these photographs. I just thought I'd let you know.
  10. People like that, after having their vehicles put into care, should be placed on a special register.
  11. Only if it's paid for by the Taxpayer.:readpaper:
  12. Welcome to the forum OldExplorer and thank you for an excellent first post. Looking forward to a few more 'photos of any other interesting military vehicles you may see in Thailand. I expect somebody will be along soon to tell us what make the.....erm........whatever it is that you've just posted a pix of. Cheers.
  13. Is this a bridging truck, basically a cargo with a winch, and it's associated trailer ? Does anyone know ? One has to admire these drivers. It's bad enough just taking an unladen Militant out on the road never mind one with the steering wheel on the wrong side plus towing a trailer of this length.
  14. Wonderful photographs. Thanks again, very much appreciated.:thumbsup:
  15. Welcome to the forum Declan and congratulations for driving the Scammell without grinning like a muppet. :-D (unlike some people we know) :-D
  16. 6 X 6

    Scrap yards

    I'm sincerely sorry that these individuals, who sound to me like dealers masquerading as collectors, have left such a poor impression. You are quite right to feel as you do. I would feel the same. Most proper HMV enthusiasts over here are 'ordinary' blokes with everyday jobs (I'm a part-time lorry driver) who are only able to wave empty wallets around such is the financial burden of keeping green machinery on the road. I would like to think that the people I know would be better behaved if they had the privilege of visiting your beautiful country.
  17. Quite right too ! What fabulous lorry and, I believe, owned by a member of this forum.
  18. There's one of these bodies that has been on a small holding near to Newport in South Wales for some years. It looks as though it may have been used as a shed/store. I drove past yesterday morning and it looks as though this site maybe being cleared........certainly, no sign of the goats that once lived there. If anyone is interested in following this up then PM me and I'll do my best to describe it's location.
  19. I'm sorry, I've no idea. It had been converted to a recovery lorry and was in company with a few other ex.WD vehicles. I was running a HGV driving school at the time and spotted the vehicles while being driven around by one of the punters in our clapped out Bedford TK.
  20. I wish you would. Please include some more of that beautiful scenery in some of your pix. I wanted to buy one of these Albions that had been stored under a railway arch in the London docklands many years ago and well before Canary Wharf. I think they're really nice.:thumbsup:
  21. 6 X 6

    Scrap yards

    Really ? What is the evidence for making that statement ? I've never heard it said that non-Poms are, somehow, less entitled or less able, to undertake restorations. One only has to go online and see the many fabulous collections around the world containing beautifully restored historic vehicles of all kinds. If you want to see how highly skilled non-Poms are check out Kiwi-Indian. http://www.kiwi-indian.com/ This maybe the perception but the reality is that many thousands, yes Doug, thousands of collectable vehicles of all kinds, Bentleys, Rolls Royces, Vincents, Bough Superiors
  22. Welcome to the forum Sigve. I'm sorry that I don't have a photograph of the interior of a Matador gun tractor but I thought you might be interested to see this picture of an artillery body mounted on a prototype AEC Militant Mk 1 in the early 1950's. Although, slightly different to what was eventually built on production Militants, the inside layout maybe very similar to what your Matador originally had. This photograph shows how much structure is needed to provide seating for the gun crew together with stowage lockers. As you will know, relatively few Matadors have survived with orig
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