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  1. Welcome to the forum Benoit and thank you for your excellent restoration blog. I'm impressed by your rebuild of the Jeep and that your site was made on a Mac. Was your blog built with iWeb or, website software, like Rapidweaver ? Don't worry about your blog being in French. Most of us on this forum are British and, therefore, fluent in many languages.:cool2:
  2. Well, as usual, the last person to be considered, or consulted, at the design stage is the poor ****** who will be driving or operating the whatever. :sweat:
  3. No, thank you, for your enterprise and skill in capturing these amazing images for us. Just one ship but what a loss. One thinks of the families of the crew members who perished being told the sad news and, also, all the wasted effort in producing the lost equipment. All those holes to be drilled, threads to be tapped and so on. And this, as I've already said, was just one of thousands ships on all sides lost during the same conflict.
  4. Thank you, Tony. I've only just seen the posts left for Steve in the Introductions and Welcomes dept. I can't wait to see the 'photos of Steve's bus. I wonder if it is the one I travelled on during my tour of the States back in 1968. I'm sure I'd recognise it if it is.
  5. That's gorgeous ! I like the upturned manifold and the future member of HMVF in the second 'photo.:thumbsup:
  6. Steve, as you will be aware, this component was probably fitted to a number of different vehicles..........so, do you have a part number ? Who have you tried in this country or the US ? Do you need the complete SC or just the seals ? If you can't find the one you are looking for could another SC be grafted in position to replace it ? I think, I once heard of a service where they rebored obsolete cylinders and fitted new seals (or did I dream that ?) And, finally, can we pleeeeeeese see a pix of your bus. Cheers. I wonder if it's worth asking this bloke, who seems to deal in classic parts,
  7. Thanks for posting Extrogg. I've not seen a photograph of one of these before and I've certainly not seen one in the flesh. I wonder if the Bedford has survived. You could have no end of fun with it, fully laden, at shows.
  8. Thank you for reminding me that you still have my copies of "Over 50's Scammells" and "Barely Legal Scammells". Please return them.......in good condition. (NOT like the last one !)
  9. From what you say, the technical handbook sounds most like a workshop manual. Parts books usually contain exploded views of components and their part numbers but no instruction. User handbooks are generally issued to drivers and have information about the vehicles controls and everyday maintenance. As you say, they are all helpful and useful to own. It's up to you, but, if I had the choice of only one, I would choose the technical manual if I had major mechanical work to do and the user handbook if the vehicle was fairly up together. The technical manual will tell you how to strip down the
  10. Now, where were we..... oh yes, Scammell Explorers. On this Korean site is BKJ 5T. Do we know this one ? Is it on Gritineye's list of all known Explorers ? Can anyone translate the thirty, or so, comments that have been left at the bottom of the page......... I'd love to know what these Koreans thought of one of Watford's Masterpieces. Are these 'photos already on this thread ? Something familiar about either the Scammell or the location. Obviously, this being the HMVF, I'm not expecting thirty replies but if someone can answer these burning questions I'd appreciate it. Thanks. Ko
  11. Well, don't blame me. The book came back with pages stuck together after I loaned it to you know who :cool2:
  12. ..........................................................................
  13. Your clumsy attempt to distract attention from long suspected presence of the 'missing' fourth one languishing in your own massive complex of sheds has backfired. Jack has agreed to issue a Forum Search Warrant. We will all be arriving at your place just as soon as we can drag Andy away from working on Daisy. Does anyone know if any of the seven wide cabbed Constructors that were supplied to the New Zealand Army under contract no. GHYP5678/089gf/34sg7 in 1958 have survived ?
  14. I wonder how many were in service with the New Zealand Army. Bart H.Vanderveen seems to think it was four. So far, in this thread, there has been mention of three.
  15. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Triumph-Owners-Manual-User-Book-TRW-Model-Mark-3_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3286Q2em63Q2el1177QQhashZitem350183190948QQitemZ350183190948QQptZMotorsQ5fManualsQ5fLiterature#ht_500wt_1606
  16. 280 X £250,000 = £70 million. Better than wasting 70m quid on schools or hospitals.:thumbsup:
  17. It's entirely up to you. Members who are interested in motorcycles might not think to look here so, yes, why not start your own thread in the MC section ? When you get the time, please post some more photographs of your Triumph. Thanks.:thumbsup:
  18. "Said to have been 246 built, the majority going to New Zealand". If that is true, then our Kiwi brothers have another 200 or so Explorers hidden away that they're keeping quiet about. I wonder if it's about time an Official Forum Expedition was sent to NZ to see exactly what's going on.
  19. Of course they've got Rolls Royce engines. Everyone knows that. I was just seeing if you were paying attention. Personally, I feel the Kiwis should return these Explorers to the Land of Pom so that we can properly examine them. (we'd give 'em back, honest):-D Is there any limit to the amount of misinformation within military vehicle reference books ? I thought *** ** *** by *** **** was bad enough but it now seems others are at it. I think I might write a "Definitive Guide to Military Vehicles" myself and just make up all the facts and figures as I go along. More from Bart H. Vandervee
  20. I expect you are already a member of the Triumph Owners' Club. http://www.tomcc.org/
  21. Welcome to the forum Maggie. I think you are very fortunate to have found such an interesting machine. It's not difficult to imagine how handsome it will look after you have restored it. Maybe you would like to start a restoration blog. http://www.hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/forumdisplay.php?f=22
  22. Originally posted by Gritineye. Egyptian Explorer petrol 1959.
  23. Another view of one of these gorgeous Meadows diesel powered Kiwi Explorers .:wow:
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