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  1. It reminded me of Sir Edwin Landsear's painting "The Monarch of the Glen". The only obvious difference being Sir Edwin featured a stag and not a 6 X 4 Militant.
  2. Don't bother asking if this bit, or that bit, is a available because the answer will be no. In fact, my friend who took these photographs recently and passed them on to me said he would have left without his nuts if the owner had found him in there. These pix were taken in Somerset where, as you know, all the best lorries are. It's a pity, it would make an idea next project for Simon what with him having made such a superb job of SFF 142.
  3. As you can see from the tax disc this Pioneer hasn't moved since 1995. Over the years a number of people have tried to buy it but the owner is reluctant to part with it. Yesterday, a good friend of mine was firmly told it is "not for sale". I've been asked not to reveal where it is located. Here's a few pix.
  4. Three 'Queen Marys', two with their Commer 'Q' type tractors. Pity that lorry mounted crane got in the way.
  5. Yes. I took those B&W pix yesterday. I had hoped those photographs looked as though they had been taken in 1958 ! Oh well. This was it's first time out of the barn and into the daylight for almost four years. It started immediately, built and held it's air and all the electrics worked OK. (Praise the Lord !) It's never been to a show so I'm thinking about taking it to a small local do in a couple of months time. Simon, I'll PM you this evening with the 'photos of the interior of the body you asked for. I'm sorry it's taken so long but this gun tractor was blocked in by another lorry an
  6. Well, as usual, the last person to be considered, or consulted, at the design stage is the poor ****** who will be driving or operating the whatever. :sweat:
  7. Thanks for posting Extrogg. I've not seen a photograph of one of these before and I've certainly not seen one in the flesh. I wonder if the Bedford has survived. You could have no end of fun with it, fully laden, at shows.
  8. It could well be. In fact, it could well be this actual Pioneer also shown on the same site. A fascinating site thanks for posting. http://www.suezcanalzone.com/pics04.html
  9. Is this a bridging truck, basically a cargo with a winch, and it's associated trailer ? Does anyone know ? One has to admire these drivers. It's bad enough just taking an unladen Militant out on the road never mind one with the steering wheel on the wrong side plus towing a trailer of this length.
  10. Wonderful photographs. Thanks again, very much appreciated.:thumbsup:
  11. Extrogg, thanks for posting these Milly pix. I always think one 'in service' photograph is worth a thousand taken of a preserved vehicle at a show.
  12. Richard, thanks for mentioning that. I wouldn't be surprised if the Militant you refer to left the show scene and was put back to work. If it did, it wouldn't be the only Militant Mk 1, I can think of two, that were thought to be safely in preservation but were 'lost'.
  13. You Rotter ! All these years I've been dreaming about this Martin's Militant tipper only to find out it's not a proper one. You could have broken the news a bit more sensitively. Plan 'B' is to steal Will's tipper one night.....but only after he's restored it. http://www.hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?t=11923
  14. It would be very interesting to see any more 'photos you may have. I'm still looking to match the two Constructors in the pix you posted with any I know of that have survived. Thanks also for the Facebook tip.
  15. I still have the telephone number of someone called Martin who was selling a Militant tipper for £800 near Heathrow many years ago. I think that like most tippers, they got worked to death, and then scrapped. That's what makes Will's Albion, with it's super cool headlight plinths, so unusual.
  16. Thank you very much for posting this wonderful photograph. A Militant tipper is top of my list of desirable lorries and the tipper is one of the rarest Militant Mk 1 variants in preservation. The 6 X 4 in the 'photo was about 20 years old when this picture was taken. I wonder if it survived.
  17. Check out Neils v's Pioneer and other fabulous vehicles on this link. http://www.hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/album.php?albumid=92&pictureid=862
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