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  1. Re an earlier post I made regarding electromagnetic retarding...have a look at this site: http://www.industrialbrake.com.au/driveline_retarders.htm http://www.industrialbrake.com.au/klam/ts20071-f_cfk-300_ing.pdf seems simple....would it fit into drive line though?
  2. Thanks Ray......totally agree I personally think these threads have a valid status here. Lets try and find a constructve way of moving forward, once and for all, to resolve this issue.
  3. In reply to Jacks post Quote from Antar Mike: "If the whole thread were to go it would not help potential buyer from falling into the trap of getting an FV432 and thinking it was legal. This thread started because someone wanted to know if FV432 was legal before parting with hard earned cash. Do you feel it right that information is withheld from him, and future potential buyers trying to make a decision." I started this dicussion as I mentioned getting a 432 in my introduction page. I then received a pm off a member telling me not buy one as they are illegal. It was, i presumed , a simple question. I have seen plenty of 432s on the road so could not understand the pm I received. One answer would have been sufficient......"No because xxxxx" Dont shoot the messenger!. In reply to this thread doing an injustice to the site. I was very happy to walk into Withams with a few thousand pounds and fetch one home. Now I am not so sure. All I can say is that this has been an eye opener for me [an ignorant newbie] and Im sure several others watching. Thanks to the members for the warning.
  4. Has anybody got a link to 432 drive train plans as i may have a very simple conclusion to the braking issue. a similar system was fitted to my kenworth Aerodyne STCO vehicle which worked brilliant/cheap/easy to fit and a proven system. Believe me disc brakes are not feasable.
  5. As Michael Cain said "listen lads iv got a plan" Has anybody got some plans of the engine-gearbox-steering box and final drive please...mailnly focusing on drive shafts. Or a link? I have an idea, thats simple, that was used on a Kenworth aerodyne stgo vehicle I had. cheers
  6. Sorry Robin...I can understand if this has been dicussed years ago, but some people are new here and may be interested in this dicussion. I for one are an interested party and welcome any critisism as i intend to purchase a 432. I live in the country and have access to farmland to drive it. The odd day out down the road to a fete or show would be a bonus. Until now I didnt realise this issue existed as I have seen numerous 432 etc on the road....even a couple of "limos". Now, kindly explain how they get round that one, for hire and reward, going round pub to pub in built up areas??. Just out of ignorance [or complicity] I would have just bought one thinking if everbody else does it..whats the problem. As regards the issue of any old tom dick and harry buying one and going on the road after an hour on a mini digger is just a little silly really. I doubt that happens. I have a wealth of experience with heavy haulage/recovery and various other exotic "big rigs" but wouldnt dream of taking a 432 on the road until I have familiarised myself with the vehicle over several days offroad and gained confidence. I also personally reckon if the DVLA give you a tax disc it means...." this vehicle is taxed for legal use on the public highway" ...[no doubt AntarMike will choke on his sandwiches any moment............wait for it.........NOW] Thumping the keyboard and swearing at the monitor is no good for ones blood pressure!!!!!!! Theoretically [ and I do stress theoretically] for a 432, if its on the back of a lowloader or under its own steam whats the width got to do with it [few inches]. I have carried many plant equipment that would make a 432 look like a dinky toy on the road. In my area there is a constant traffic of trucks carrying mobile homes at 12ft wide catching hedges and forcing hgvs over. And lets not mention combine harvestors here. Yes I know regulations...farm vehicles, STGO,plant .....rules etc.... but in theory? What does need stopping is these young lads [16/17] driving huge fast track style tractors with massive overloaded trailors through small villages/back lanes at speed of 40+. Sorry I digress.......need to restock on sandwiches!
  7. GMC 1942 CCKW for sale on ebay http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/1942-GMC-CCKW-353-Closed-Cab-/130538567293?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item1e64b4767d
  8. Yep great answers Think the just of the matter is "on your head be it" shall we agree to disagree and put it to bed chaps?????????? Buggered to know what to do now tho! Adrian
  9. :-( Crumbs wish i never asked. If anybody can give me a simple answer [before i buy one] in one sentence pm me please. Adrian
  10. I am very inclined to agree. I used to have a haulage company and one of our vehicles was involved in a serious accident in warrington. Belive me when the police and VOSA get their teeth into something they are like rottweilers. Every single nut and bolt of the vehicle was scrutinised not including days of trawling through our maintenance records etc. Luckly it was the drivers fault.....he fell asleep at the wheel. The truck in question was an imported Freightliner articulated unit which rang alarm bells with the inspectors, they tried all ways to find fault with the vehicle. One thing, at least, helped was that it had a new MOT from the testing station to prove roadworthyness and full maintenace schedules. Heaven forbid if somebody does have an accident with one of these vehicles they will have the book thrown at them.
  11. Thanks Mike. Plenty to chew over. Obviously this has been dicussed before....sorry to drag it up again. Surely if the Gov have allowed them on the road for the past X years this has set a presidence in law? And the fact that they issue a tax disc is saying YES you can use this vehicle for road use. Wonder what would happen if you had an accident and some !?*&$£ copper measured the vehicle? If registered as a farm vehicle can you run on red diesel? I intend to buy one early next year most probably ex Withams. Question is can i register it for road use? mmmmm i think more sandwiches required Robin!!! Adrian
  12. Hi JUst received this post off Big Ray......... "My understanding is that the 432s are not road legal, any that have been registered have been done in error, it would appear that they are too wide for U.K. roads, and the secondary breaking system does not comply....... just a thought before you part with your hard earned cash." Surely this is rubbish?? please enlighten me? Adrian
  13. Thanks everybody Got one now, off Doug. cheers Adrian
  14. Hi Mark Not sure as history very vague. Bought it off a chap in Whitchurch area and then got a call from another chap who is a fireman at Sleap airfield. Was then introduced to the Fire Engine Preservation Society. They have an annual show in Derby which is fantastic...some military vehicles attend also. They do a lot for charity and are a great bunch. The truck is very very fast and is quite a pig to begin with...just needs respect like all similar vehicles. Holds the road as if it was on rails and the brakes.....well lets just say I nearly gave the wife whiplash the first time I had to brake sharply!!!. It certainly turns heads. I remember one evening, on the way home, picking ip a friends little lad [aged@10] and went down an unused lane[?] to his house with the sirens and all the lights on. Well you should have seen his face when he got out. Lee said what did you do to him as he never spoke for a week. If you can make a kid happy....priceless...cost nothing. Anyhow shes got to go soon as my bloods in military metal............... Cheers Adrian
  15. [ATTACH=CONFIG]47172[/ATTACH] Hi Mark Yes it is ex Staffordshire. Started off in Newcastle-under-lyme then to Leek. The chassis came from Jeep in the US then converted by John Dennis Coachbuilders. There are a couple of varients still about but this ones the last of its type, so very rare, if not the only one still "FIre" registered left. As a lot may be aware to qualify for free tax etc the vehicle must still be "as released" from the fire service and not altered in any way. This is a picture of it when new. Not sure wether to sell now or respray etc as looking for a FV432 for next years project. Better get back to military stuff before I get a telling off!!!!!!! Thanks for the welcomes Adrian .
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