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  1. 1944 dated hull sandlasted and painted ready to fit out. Good tracks/sprockets and tyres. Needs engine and gearbox. Suspension units rebuilt, new steering/brakes rods, fuel tanks, seats, stowage boxes, engine frame etc,and loads of parts all painted ready to install. £16,000. 07740680489
  2. Rolling hull disassembled, sandblasted and painted. Extremely good track. All good tyres, new set of control rods and loads of parts all painted ready to fit. No rear or side armour. Original front armour, seats, engine frame, steering parts, ventillators, stowage boxes etc. £10,000 Sadly selling due to lack of time.... Easiest if you ring me: 07740680489
  3. Hi Steve, There are a few people floating about with WD bikes but no 'scene' as such. Do you go to the vmcc shake down event at tibenham? We may go to that as its local go us although we make take pre war civilian machines! Cheers, Simon
  4. Hi Steve, Your triumph looks very nice, well done! I'm in Norfolk too and have a few British bikes including a restored 1940 Triumph 3sw and an almost finished 1942 triumph 3hw. Cheers, Simon
  5. Hi Ron, Many thanks for the reply and the link. I wasn't aware of this site and he certainly has some nice bits. The levers he do however are the same pattern as the ones available from India with the clamp going top to bottom rather than front to back. I'm looking for levers with the front and back fittings as this it what triumph used on the 3hw. Many thanks,
  6. Hello all, My 1942 triumph project is really cracking along in the last couple of weeks (pics to follow) but I've got a bit stuck with break and clutch levers. I was planning on buying Indian pattern levers as they are a good pattern for triumph, but nobody appears to be stocking the correct pattern any longer. The only ones currently for sale have a different clamp style which I'm not willing to use on my machine. Does anybody know of another source? Incidentally i need 1" levers, not 7/8th. Many thanks,
  7. Many thanks Ron. I thought you might be the man to help! Simon
  8. Last year I acquired a 1939 Norton 16H from Belgium which came with a number of parts including this brake lever part. Can anybody identify it? Many thanks,
  9. I'm searching for a British WW2 GS trailer if anyone has one/knows of one. Doesn't have to be restored... thanks
  10. I've been documenting my restoration on my youtube channel- Spirit of Britain TV this is part 5. The other episodes are on there as well. There's good crossover with Tilly construction so I hope you might enjoy them. thanks Simon
  11. Thanks Guy, Yes I saw it before I bought it. It all part of its history although I could have ground the welds down a bit. The frame is straight and I guess it was probably why teles were fitted as the original girders had been damaged at the same time.
  12. Frame oil tank and all other parts resprayed separately, a load of work on the engine, new clutch everyopart cleaned up within an inch of its life, new gaskets and everything repainted separately, then re fitted.
  13. Hi No I picked up the rack later. The photo of if complete Is how I got it. Which bike do you have.
  14. Thanks for your interest Jenks I have a set of fork blades and mudguard stays. I'm after the rest at the moment. I don't wish to buy Indian.... I'm just reassembling it now so I'll post some photos shortly
  15. Not that exciting but I thought it may be of interest. Its 1942. Ended up in Algiers where it was recovered back to Blightly in 1955. It has a fairly standard mod of Matchy G3L front end which I'm replacing with the original triumph girders. So I have a whole G3L front end spare now
  16. Hello all, I have started a facebook group for owners of Austin GS1, GV1 and Utility models. Please feel free to come and join us! https://www.facebook.com/groups/364587520389340/
  17. Hi Ben Early 44 MkII*. Yes the covers were nothing special, but obv I'd prefer to see one if possible before I get any made up. I know the size and standard eyelet spacing so i'll go from there. It's just one of many parts I'm making Cheers Simon
  18. Does anyone own or have access to an original carrier cover? I'd be interested to see one as photos only show you so much detail. I can get them made but of course I want to be sure it'll be correct. It's stated at 15' x 20' in the parts list Any help appreciated thanks Simon
  19. I've got several spare sets and wheels and so they're surplus/ not correct for my mk 2. At least I have an indication of their value and can think about selling them against other bits I need... Simon
  20. Yeah Adrian I thought it was the same. Also might have another 6 pdr ammo box for you...
  21. Carrier parts are mostly traded and therefore i wondered if anyone could assist which an actual price for UC double bogie complete with T16 wheels and solid idler wheel, and also T16 wheels individually. The wheels I have are in super condition with little used tyres. any help much appreciated Simon
  22. Thought you camo junkies might be interested in this selection of paint I've found on one of the Austin Tillys i just bought. This is the original base colour found on a selection of parts: Chassis/axles - Black Instrument panel - black Cab - black Doors - green Interior of roof (split cab version so Feb 42 onwards) - green Inside of wings and louvred side panels - mid war brown Tailgate - green Rear body sides - green. This came from Portugal and loads of Tillys went there after the war. Does anyone know if Austin had a rebuild system which used a variety of parts to make up contacts etc? Of course it could have been assembled/repaired/reassembled at any time i know. Further to this it has a saloon chassis plate with the G/RQ prefix and not G/YG as per Tilly production. The '39 model Austin 10 (alligator nose like the Tilly) which the Tilly was based on started production in May '39 and finished sometime in 1941. I wonder if available parts from the civvy models were used into Tilly production at that point? Or maybe all chassis/axles etc were painted black. Anyway I hope you find this interesting and any info appreciated. Can't find any Austin 10 saloon chassis numbers anywhere, well not for that late model.... cheers Simon and Richard F- yes the Morris C4 W/T is coming along very well!
  23. There are some images from the Tankies Doc at: www/facebook.com/britainsspirit in an album titled BBC Tanks. There was a huge amount of reconstruction which wasn't used which would have made the Jake Wardrop character's story more thorough. There was originally a big CGI budget which was condensed to the rather simple 'tanks on the map' part. The POW scene would have been bigger in part 2 and in part 1 the original intention was to have a tank being lowered by crane onto the docks whilst the crews sat around waiting. This was a really big set which hardly got a look in.... In terms of MV action. The Morris 15cwt CS8 and the Jeep featured more in the filming but got lost as it was edited. The BBC commisssioners appartently have a problem between dramatisation and reconstruction so if they think it's too much of the former it comes out.... Daft really as they've already paid for it. Anyway hope this might be of interest. Simon
  24. There's certainly a posed or at least directed look to them. Interesting to see the progression from 08 patt webbing in the earlier shots to 37 patt in one of the 38 dated pix. The officer blowing his whistle has 08 patt webbing with sam browne pistol holster in leather with similar bino case, and officers valise with leather base with dog clips which fit to belt/straps. Behind him the starting handle is not locked The pic of the lorry that's speeding off, I notice under the foot of the passenger there's a sandbag on the floor. Also in that pic there's a couple of semaphore flags stuck into the rear body hoop supports that would take the rear tilt hoops Also behind Don Estelle, as Tony puts it, (Hi Tony) there's a water tanker version by the looks of it, but with the wooden GS body still on. Sing Lofty... The pic of the lorry with the three blokes and the Lewis on a tripod also shows two tone camo but the cab side of the front of the body ie the back of the cab, is clearly much darker and prob the original 30s dark green it was painted in the Uk when it ws manufactured. Driver in that pic is wearing coveralls too over his KD- bet he was hot with that on, plus of course leather seats on the early lorries.... phew couple of pix show the tax disc holder mounted on the n/s cowling loads of detail - great pix! Simon
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