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  1. I was given this sow on patch a couple of weeks ago but the 83 year old person who gave it to me didn't know its use or origin. Is it military and if so where would it have been used and what era? Any info would be grateful. Steve
  2. I am with you on a 3HW, booked through the IMPS though.
  3. I remember the Fantics, I always wanted one of those choppers but I couldn't get my Dad to feel the same way so I bought a second-hand Garelli Tiger Cross from Jim Lomas Motorcycles (Wymondham) instead. The thing was gutless so I took it back to their mechanic Charlie Fry and he cut the exhaust in half, modified it and welded it back together again, it was a Fizzie beater from that day, nothing could touch it. One of my mates at the time had a SS50 and I remember he was always lagging behind, what's your take on the Hondas performance? The Garelli lasted me till I was 17, I think I ha
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