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  1. Does anyone have any idea if a land rover in royal navy service in 1967 would have had a bridge plate, and if so what markings? Trying to find out navy land rover info doesnt seem to be very straight forward.... they didnt record much...
  2. Im hoping they are visible in the photo, it needed compressing to host on here.. there are 4 oblong slots in the tub floor, they are toward the left of the vehicle rather than centred. Im trying to i.d what they may have been for? It was as far as i can tell, always a truck rather than having a full roof. its an original ex navy truck, delivered in january 67, although i dont know any other history on it. The reg is 33RN51, If anyone happens to know Any help greatly appriciated.
  3. Hello everyone, owner of a Ex Royal Navy landy here, its a 1966 2A 109, its ex navy history was covered up for years but we discovered it while removing the blow over paint job from the dash. it revealed the reg no 33RN51 in stencil just to the right of the steering wheel. hoping to put it somewhat back towards what it would have been. Although its still a truck i use daily.
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