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  1. how much you thinking for the abbot ?
  2. some of ours have lost pressure and unless it was a real crisis not sure Id ever try ! have got proper modern units aswell, but these are more for the original type look....so are on the outside... just orderd some of the link above, so lets see !!
  3. Perfect I'll get one set see how they look thanks !
  4. got a few of these I need to repaint, anyone seen the labels for them about at all, its the classic old skool knock to set off type units.... cheers !
  5. Oooo chances of being same will look into
  6. I believe either valid early I think is nato bren not got gun yet so in theory whatever I can get that’s plausible haha
  7. After as per title anyone got one sitting begging for use ;)
  8. if you dont ask you never know but anyone got a bren mount for a Abbot by chance ? thanks !
  9. good points, should be findable, bet its something aviation based, lot of vehicle stuff is.... theres lots of them type plates on the vehicle so we do want to find the right font... search continues. !
  10. I think close but the R looks different I "think" that said.... im not 100% !!
  11. hi folks ! does anyone know what the font is used in many british vehicles of the 1950's 60, 70 era ?
  12. hello ! whats the latest on the stolly ? been reading through having jsut got one myself !
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