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  1. Thanks Rustexpert for posting your pic.. They look pretty much the same as the Aussie ones I am trying to find - (pic below also posted in wrecker forum), Probably have the same pin locations and cross section. May have some casting differences - date location, part or FV number?, but probably not noticeable to the untrained eye. Thanks all for the replies .
  2. Anyone down under have some cast steel 'hold fasts' (ground anchors) that they can measure? I am considering getting some cast locally'ish because I can't imagine shipping them from Aus will be practical or affordable. I already have a pile of hex pins in the UK awaiting postage - not going to like that bill either!
  3. Maybe the lifting points weren't trusted... ...and the "casualty" isn't very far off of the ground either. Nice pic of two brand new ones though! Would be nice if a moderator could fix the original thread title..
  4. Came across another pic.. White numbers on black "AMF" plates dates these trucks to the initial "179 - NNN" purchase in 1971. (1973 purchase trucks had green numbers on white "ARMY" plates 25_NNN) Two Australian M816's using the standard US issue sus tow kit of Hollebone [towbar motor vehicle] with chain clamps to the front axle and whiffle tree [bar lifting] chained to the chassis ends instead of the front bumper lifting shackles which is the US method. With the later 70's introduction of the Aus made Mack trucks, the 816's were fitted with the higher sus tow subframe incorporating th
  5. Pics of the rear. Showing added sus-tow frame and body 'stop ends' also additional lighting. Second spare tyre holder (next to Jerry cans) was not common. Not known if this was an inservice mod. Combined welding bottles and reinforced rear steps - are other differences to US trucks. Removed bumperettes and alternative trailer hitch may be a civi mod.
  6. Paul - its Howard (different avatar!)... just found this older thread of your truck at Pucka. Some of the details that I have been chasing are answered in these old pics! Had fun last week putting 1.515" holes in 3x1.5' steel for the rear sus tow bracket. Now pocket welded to the 4x4 - 1/4" wall tube. Found some steel for the bypass oilfilter shield and you pics help in locating it. Also notice a chequer plate cover the right side rear tackle space - checking other pics to follow that lead for fabn. I am amassing a whole load of pics and info following research on the differences betw
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