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  1. All you drops owners out there. Has anyone got a drops rack going spare? Preferably in or near Essex. Going to be moving to Suffolk soon and packing my workshop into a 20' box . Thinking by the time I get a big hiab to move it for me it might be easier to put the box on a flat rack and hire a roll on roll off truck Are all racks for a 20' box standard fare for such a vehicle? Any sensible suggestions welcomed. Dave
  2. I thought i was just losing my touch as i seem to be strugggling with my gear changing lately. My Diamond T has the Rolls C6 fitted, i think the clutch is ok, no nasty smells, still pulls like a train but the revs appear to be sticking when i lift off for a gear change. i know some Gardner engines need a little extra lubrication on the pump, is this the same on the lucas CAV pump on the T? The linkage seems ok , all moving easily and i had the pump serviced about 8 years ago because it was dunping fuel from the overflow at tickover. They said the pump was in good nick. The
  3. Not sure about the electric set up but i like the look of the Ford / Bedford idea. i,m not after super light steering, i think it would just make the whole thing feel a bit vague . She doesnt like potholes at the best of times as there arent any shocks on the front end of a T and it tends to grab the steering a bit . I would just like to be able to go from lock to lock whilst manoeuvring without sweating. I have tried the old tricks ,like 10 extra psi in the front tyres The basic trouble is it isnt just the T showing its age!
  4. Having been off the road for health reasons i am looking forward to getting out wih the Diamond T again. I am thinkiing of fitting power steering, either a full system or an assister ram set up. Has anyone done it?
  5. Hi John, . Wise words indeed. i dont disagree with the rules, i just dont see the logic behind it.
  6. Hi John, i totally agree, call me daft if you like but i get a buzz out of driving big trucks, always have. Dad was a driver for as long as i can remember so i suppose its in the blood . My TIA was serious at the time but i seem to have been very lucky. I dont appear to have any lasting after effects, other than my annual income will be £15,000 light this Year. why is it when you try and be honest it always seems to come round and kick you where it hurts? i should have said nothing. Hi Brooky. The situation regarding licensing on pre 1960 vehicles is something we obviously agr
  7. Hi John, good advice but as i thought, getting a definitive answer out of dvla would be a minfield. Apparently it all comes down to weight because the Diamond T looks like a lorry and it weighs more than 7.5 tonnes. if it had a breakdown jib it would be a different story ( obviously a very big jib if it is to hide the fact that it still looks like a lorry) the fact that it is not used for hire and reward is a (towing) tractor on the log book and is pre- 1960 is irrelevant. the only possible way round according to dvla this would be to change its taxation class to a showm
  8. I have held my old school hgv1 since 1995, so i have never worried licensing wise about driving my Diamond T however i know of several mates who drive their classic lorries on a car license.. I had a TIA ( a mini stroke) at the end of november and although i appear to have been lucky in that the after effects are minimal i have been told by the doctor that i cannot drive lorries for a year. if i can legally drive the T on a car license then i dont see a problem, if the hgv license is a must, then potentially it could be. Before i go to the dvla and get swamped with bullsh~
  9. I.ve seen pictures of wynns Diamond T s and there heavy hauling antics but I must admit to being a bit chuffed with this one. It shows ODW 937 heading a push-pull outfit form Tipton to Bradwell power station in 1957. The lead T has the Nash and Morgan cab but the pusher looks pretty original. The reason I,m chuffed is that this T was only 21 vehicles ahead of mine on the production line in Chicago and the picture is about 200 m from my house. Small world, you might say The pic is from a short film on you tube, called giant girder on the move.
  10. The proper adapters for chieftain and centurion are typically heavy. They connect together using the quick release pins as used with all ARV winching kit. They are so heavy that whereas with a hollebone set you have a drawbar and a set of adaptors, on an ARV there is a butterfly which locates in the towing eye on the rear of the vehicle, two separate tow bars and then the adapters to suit the tank you wish to tow all connected with 5 QRP s (sorry no photos.) Hollebones can be used on any vehicle with the correct size NATO hitch, there are four basic pairs of adapters A,B,C & D and spec
  11. Thanks for your help. I was looking for something completely irrelevant earlier and stumbled upon my own c6 service manual. Moral of the story, if it's lost, look for something else first.
  12. Does anyone have a diagram showing the head bolts tightening sequence for the Rolls C6. Looks like the O ring where the oil way goes from the block up to the head has failed. No water loss just oil weeping down the block. Just steam cleaned it now looks like it needs doing again!
  13. Now i could be wrong here, but is that a mk 1 cent arv?
  14. some great pics. The last one has loads going on, looks to me, like a ward la france M1 in the background, i can`t decide what they are building though.
  15. I`ve got a Diamond T ballast box which is in the way, it was taken off an ex-italian army T. It`s complete with tailgate but this has been backed into something and bent. The ballast box itself is undamaged and would only need re-painting. stowage boxes are in good nick. It doesn`t have a pendulum fitted. i`d rather someone give me scrap value and use it rather than see it cut up. Any takers?????????? I can get some photo`s if needed.
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