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    Military history and machinery. Land Rovers. Anything which breaks down and can be taken apart...
  1. I'm not sure what these are from, they came with my Dodge WC but they are obviously not Dodge WC headlamps. Are they of use to anyone ? The lens diameter is 7'', overall diameter is appr. 9''. One lens is OK, one is cracked. The reflectors are peeling off some of the reflective material. Lenses have "Marchal" and "Equilux" on the front side. If anyone wants them I'm asking postage (from Sweden) plus £10 for the posting effort...
  2. Tony, which LR one fits the 12 volt WC ? Might be a way I would choose to go with mine. /Peter
  3. I still get this "please make your first post an introduction" message on top of the forum page. How can I make that go away ? I will eventually start a restoration thread on my wc-52. Some day. I promise /Peter
  4. You are welcome here Göran, looking forward to see the newly restored Dodge and the Jeep. /Peter
  5. Proctaman, not sure what you are sulking about, pls keep the pictures coming of the benches and fixings, lids and so on they are quite useful, at least for me :-) Göran, I chose white oak. Got it through one of my neighbours who is a carpenter. He told me that the white oak is actually cheaper than oak, here in Sweden at least. So he cut the floor boards to size for me according to the drawings on the wc-52.com site, I then have to do the painting, drilling and resessing. Started out by painting them, just to see how the paint turned out : I have a suspicion the bed sides which came wit
  6. I've been wondering about the metal bits for the benches, if I should try to fabricate them myself or perhaps order from John at Midwest. Might be cheaper to get from Wildenberg if he has them as well. That site with all the dimensions is great, I've just used the drawings from there to make the floor boards. /Peter
  7. Looking good. I am at about the same stage with the restoration of my WC-52, tackling the wood bits of the bed. I need to fabricate the benches and uprights from scratch as well, some good inspiration here. /Peter
  8. Hi all, I have been lurking about here for some time now, really enjoying all the info, especially all the restoration threads. I am also active on the ww2dodge forum under the same username. I am appr. 2 years into a Dodge WC-52 restoration, will post some pictures in another thread later. It's drivable now, still need to restore the windscreen and the bed though. I've been playing around with Land Rovers quite a lot as well. Have owned a 1986 RRC for many years, which has taught me a lot about what can go wrong on cars :rolleyes: I use that mostly in off-road events now. /Peter
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