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  1. Just got back from a great day. Was very muddy this morning but got better. Car park was very sloppy. Jaguar XJ in front of me got stuck trying to get out and the idiot driver just kept his boot down and showered a family in mud. My pictures are a bit dark compared to some here due to the morning rain so I'll avoid posting them all and go through them and just get the ones up of anything not previously posted.
  2. Well I just spent the last hour reading this thread from start to finish as I haven't picked it up before and to read that news at the end is absolutely heart wrenching and the most unexpected ending! His enthusiasm and enjoyment for the hobby must really be a terrible loss for all who knew him.
  3. Hope the campsite and everyone survived without too much discomfort. Shall be setting off soon with camera charged and wallet full of my allocated spending money for more rusty bits to fill corners of the garage with.
  4. Just over 1,000 miles on the clock too, bet they were a tad miffed!
  5. :wow:About as close as I'd want to get to one of those as well! :-X
  6. Shame if it rains on Saturday, it's the only day I can make it down. However I do rather like the idea of having the stalls to wander round without masses of people, many a bargain to be had in the rain!
  7. Know what, an M-29 Weasel it could well be, I think you've got it. But it looked VERY old and very, very Battered, every panel was bent in like someone had gone at it with a small wrecking ball. Are there many weasels left? This is the closest thing to the config I saw:
  8. Thanks for the reply Johnny, Probably similar in size but the thing I saw had a little more to it on the upper works. Also the track was this shape... obviously without the handles.
  9. This guy has never, ever, failed to find me anything obscure that I have needed. Fast Fixings 292 Seaside Eastbourne East Sussex BN22 7RE 01323 722220 It once took him 2 weeks to source some very strange OEM chinese bolts for me for a project at work. But he got them in the end and charged literally a couple of quid for all that work and a box of bolts. Haven't been in there for a couple of years now but it might be worth a try? Alex
  10. Here's a strange one. I was driving along the A22 the other day near Uckfield and in a lay-by on the back of a trailer being pulled by a Landcruiser was what I would swear blind was a Humber Hexonaut, only with tracks. I was in a rush and slowed down a bit to have a look but traffic was heavy and so probably only had it in vision for 10 seconds or so. Being a bit of a fan of Humber I looked up the Hexonaut when I got home and while not 100% identical (no windscreen and a bit battered looking) it was a pretty close match for a tracked Hexonaut, even down to the positioning of the exhaust system. It didn't look like a new reproduction as it certainly had some years on it, and it looked like it was painted Bronze Green with stencil markings faded in a few places. Anyone got a more enlightened idea on what it was I saw? Alex
  11. The one that was on the Roundabout at Shoreham by Sea has now been removed and the roundabout now has a advert for a local car garage on it. The "Official" reason for it being withdrawn by the council given was it was causing too many accidents from people looking at it rather than at the road. I have no idea where its gone now.
  12. Brilliant to see something like this saved. Hope to see it restored in the years to come. Very exciting. Alex
  13. Didn't one of these go on eBay back in January for about 4k? sold as unregistered, still with the plastic on the seats.
  14. The family and I have had cause to use the RAC probably 6 or so times in the past 5 years, they have always been there within 45 minutes, if a fix has been possible at the roadside then they've done it (although they aren't cheap on roadside parts, £50 for a £19 ignition coil) or recovery to wherever in the country no problem. I have the full cover for my family, 4 drivers (with cover for when we're passengers) and whatever vehicle, excluding commercials but including classics, all for £140 (ish) a year. Only went with the RAC as I'd had problems with the AA, but to be honest I reckon they are all the same anyway and it just depends on the mood of the guy who turns up on the day!
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