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  1. Hi, I would also like to know, what happened to this Matador ? It is essential such history is saved, especially after such dedicated preservation. James would be a good home, I could try other contacts also. BOBC
  2. Hi Pat, I have messaged you again as this is vital to the future of this lovely vehicle and also all the airshow and filming potential it has. £££££££££££ BOBC
  3. Hi, I will get a sample painted out of the BS381 633 and then partition it off and make it matt using a matt that doesnt have white in it, (some model varnishes end up matting and whitening, black goes grey, whilst Galeria Matt makes black stay black). It wasnt that the Bedford is paler, but the hue is different, I am not aware of different surface matting causing colour hue change, only colour saturation and darkness change. If we wet the Bedford and it matches the fordson then proof they are the same colour, but I was seeing different hues. When I get 5 mins, I will post some pics, but Christmas prepping has a large gravitational pull and I cant get out of it. BOBC
  4. Hi Ted, I was there analysing it for a good hour, freshly applied paint was not what I saw at all, I could see areas that had peeled away, that had weathered over years, no areas that had been missed with the paint, I looked under the rear end for areas that had not perhaps faded in the sun and photographed it with a Kodak colour card, it was a tad darker, but not anywhere near the colour of the Fordson tractor parked several feet away which had been restored and repainted with a tin of the postwar RAF Blue grey a few years ago. The Bedford is in a matt with a slight sheen at most, the Fordson at least satin if not getting on towards gloss. They had acquired the Bedford in that paint it has and had not touched it at all, and if someone postwar had repainted it with the latest RAF blue grey it would have matched the Fordson, clearly they who had painted the Bedford in what year we dont know well before Lytham acquired it, had taken a tin of an earlier shade and used that. I have a sample of the paint used by Lytham on the Fordson tractor on a piece of metal , painted out from the same tin. They have a Type C Mk I modified bomb trolley also being repainted after restoration in the post war colour same tin source. Furthermore that Bedford also reminded me of the same colour I saw on one at Flambards in Cornwall decades ago. It also matched the colour I had exposed by peeling the yellow paint away on a W arm support from a Type B bomb trolley, they were the first trolleys in use in WW2. It is a less saturated colour and hasnt the hint of red about it, and is paler. I have photos of all this. It was like the colour of WW2 tunics which I also have to hand. The Fordson and my sample is darker and more blue with a hint of red. I will try and post the images, though photos cannot replicate what the eye sees and can lead to discussions on what they show detracting from actual comparison in daylight. BOBC
  5. Hi, Ted asks did anyone keep a copy of the rare colour movie 601 sqdn from Dig1940... yes I did, I will endeavour to post the photo from it when I get 5 mins. Jamie at Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats does not dial in scale effect, his colours are matched to the colour swatch he has before him, I hate it when manufacturers do scale effect, AS THEY DONT KNOW WHAT SCALE A MODELLER IS WORKING TO ! I once stood 72ft away from rlm02 for 1/72 aircraft model to match full size aircraft, and it should have matched rlm02 with white added (I recall a Monogram book formula of 72%), anyhow it matched my increasing white addition mixes on....the original rlm02 ! Its another myth such as pre shading and sooty rivet lines. Early war RAF Blue Grey is not the same as the colour introduced at the end of the war, surviving example of a Bedford OX at Lytham St Annes Spitfire group is in prewar RAF Blue Grey, compare this to the fordson tractor repainted in post war blue grey ! and if you think its faded, look underneath the rear end. Furthermore WAAF on tractor towing an arc of Type B bomb trolleys, see how the blue grey is matching her tunic. Likewise other colour pics I have. RAF Blue grey post war certainly doesnt match WW2 tunics, far darker and a hint of red. I have peeled away paint on Bomb trolley to reveal same colour as that Bedford OX. BOBC
  6. Hi Pat, I dont get to visit forums that often, I must set this up to email me with notifications ! Your interest sounds like hope for this project again. I will private message you, and we can talk about it at length on the phone as its far too big a story to post about and far too much work (6 months) put into the accurate drawings so far and Dicks restoration of the chassis cab and engine as its now running to waste on his idea of a post war parafin truck when it was originally possibly the gorgeous bowser, its the only chance the world will ever have of the bowser in fact. BOBC
  7. Hi, It could be perspective playing tricks, I need to use the distort tool in photoshop and make the sides parallel, then we shall see, but yes otherwise just make the model match what might be a hybrid. Just found someone restoring one so I hope for some dimensions etc., along with the photo of one at an event there are at least 2 of the 320 in existence. Its not a 340 thats for sure. BOBC
  8. Hi, I had settled on that diea, especially given the lower link here. I wonder who owns and operates this one ? It would yield some great references., dimensions etc. I need to contact the owner. http://auto-zer.com/photo/mercedes-benz-320-wk/03/default.html I have found as you say a few 320's and all I need to do is stretch it a bit. I see this photo of what is captioned as a 320 in Norway and studying it carefully it seems to match exactly the one at Caffiers. It has the same door spacing, hinge placement, hubs, spare wheel placements, headlight position, shelf at rear, two raised seats padded, I cant see a difference in fact. so is the photo of a 340 ? or is Caffiers a 320 ? https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/germany/wehrmacht_trucks/mercedes-benz/kubelwagen-320-wk-bergen-norway-1940/ I have since been busy scale matching the 320 Norway and a large version of Nicks as well as a side view of Nicks less the doors (same exact vehicle they took the doors off) and I can get everything to match from windscreen base to back of rear seat, door top edges, the triangular panel between doors and almost zero gap at top, item atop rear wheel arch, all door details and rear arch match, however fwd of the windscreen the Caffiers is longer. On the 340 photo from MB there is an extra amount of bodywork between the two side doors, also above the rear wheel arch the body is taller, side sill rises up. So its a 320 but I cant get the bonnet to match ! Cheers BOBC
  9. Hi, I have always wanted to model that particular vehicle in the Caffiers photo for 40yrs as I am a 9JG26 specialist, I even stood there on that spot many years ago, it hadnt changed. I hope you or someone can give me the final decision on what vehicle it is. the rear shelf is two jerry cans deep whilst the MB pics look like one, unless the other side has room for 2. BOBC
  10. Hi, Have found some more pics and kits see edited post. Need to know for sure what that vehicle was, you guys on this forum are the best at this . The hubs differ from all those seen so far, why is that ? I would have to buy another kit just for the hubs. I now wonder if the Bronco kit might have some uses as well for bonnet or even the doors and rear end. It has a matching windscreen with that lower segment. drivers left unlike the other kits, and the small lamp on pole drivers right. https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/Mittlerer-Einheits-Personenkraftwagen-m.E.Pkw-Kfz-12.html#gallery_start Am I right in thinking they have added a jerry can shelf at rear in the Caffiers pic as I dont see that on any of the pics and kits found so far. Cheers BOBC
  11. Hi, I have spotted this kit which might be a good basis. http://www.icm.com.ua/news/638-news.html click on the CAD images, thumbnails. takes a lot of the guesswork out, coupled with the photos on the Mercedes Benz site. https://mercedes-benz-publicarchive.com/marsClassic/en/instance/ko.xhtml?oid=4312&relId=1001&resultInfoTypeId=172#toRelation 2 images enlarge up well. I see this surviving 320, that would be useful to study, who owns it ? http://auto-zer.com/photo/mercedes-benz-320-wehrmacht/09/default.html also masterbox do this kit which might give me the bonnet I could use with correct grille, extend it by cloning the grille, better than the ICM bonnet. https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Sd.Kfz.-2-Type-170VK-German-military-radio-car.html BOBC
  12. Hi, Paul, thanks for the revised data. When you say the 2nd photo down from Nicks, which photo are you referring to ? I see either my kit box art, or the link I posted which I see is the same pic as Nicks. Have you any pics or data on the M Benz 340 WK ? I had assumed by now kits were made of most of Germanys vehicles, I guess not. There was a time I would have tackled a complete scratchbuild but now know the time involved, would nuke making a lot of the others I have stashed away which I want to make. BOBC
  13. Ah, thanks, thats google for you, I pasted in your vehicle type and it showed this and I didnt give it a second glance as it looked similar. I dont think there is a kit of it at all having been looking for a while, . http://auto-zer.com/photo/mercedes-benz-320-wehrmacht/10/default.html BOBC
  14. Excellent, many thanks for the ultra quick data, awesome, and a lifetimes worth of wondering over I was trying to find out needing to finish an order with a model shop and felt I wasnt to find an answer anytime soon, and plumped for an expensive kit, now I can try and get a kit of it and add that as well. I see Bronco models do an early version but its going to need major surgery, wheel hubs, length of bonnet, doors, too much I fear.must try and get a later version,shame as 1940 is somewhat early ! BOBC
  15. Hi, I have never found out just which vehicle this is, does anyone know ? key features 2 same size doors left side, loks like also 2 on right, spare tyre both sides, foldaway roof canvas at rear. Long bonnet. twin headlights separate to front. Its in the often seen photo of an Me109E4 coded 1+l (yellow outline black) of 9 staffel JG26 at Caffiers in August 1940, with pennant on aerial post, https://alchetron.com/Gerhard-Schöpfel#gerhard-schpfel-7f080f03-e058-4f40-976b-17f720a314d-resize-750.gif part way down page is one example. Cheers BOBC
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