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  1. After one of these mounts for the M50 at Eden Camp, for the commanders cupola.
  2. i made a rather tatty wooden one, got no pics as its not currently in my possession, but this one looks great.
  3. It appears that sometime in the last twelve days somebody broke into one of HDF(V) stores in South Yorkshire and helped themselves to a number of Scorpion/Saladin items. These include barrel gauges, pullback kits and a quantity of spare weapons parts, could you please let me know if you are offered any parts etc from an unusual source.
  4. Whilst a CQMS with an ACF unit, I can rememeber see quite alot of our green PLCE being this style, wish I had managed to do some swaps, as not realised what it was at the time.
  5. Try these https://www.buymetalonline.co.uk/product/steel-checker-plate/
  6. Happy birthday Neil

  7. another model with a different burner head, I believe this was a later modification
  8. The The yellow label states leaded petrol
  9. I believe these were an early model, we had them as part of our vehicle CES,
  10. here is one for 11th Armoured Division, showing what units made up the Division.
  11. I'm not a Geordie, but from Co. Durham, used to love the processed cheese and jam sarnies.
  12. I would love one of these, however at theses prices, i'll just have to dream.
  13. I served for a good few years on Fox with the QOY, and currently involved with Eden Camp working on and looking after their prototype Fox
  14. Barrym


    Not exactly clothing and equipment, does anyone know where I can get 2 bars of the soap we had in the 70s/80s, the one with EIIR embossed on it, want some to put in my green wash roll
  15. Very nice pics, I served with D Sqn QOY 86-98. We had at various times, Fox, Sabre and Scimitar. Here is a few Fox pics.
  16. I know this is an okd post , but is there a link to the person who made these transfers
  17. I'm after some as well, please.
  18. If I remember in this format 2/10, first number (2) is the Div number, and the second number (10) is the ID number for the regiment within that Div. I have no Idea what the regiments role was, I'm assuming as it is a fairly small number, they were an armoured regiment and the Scorpion was in their recce troop.We, 15/19 H were in BAOR 1979-86, ours was 3/45, as we were 3rd Div Armoured Recce Regiment.
  19. The German Marder AIFV had a 20mm.
  20. The small inlet for the air intake, that is fitted to the gearbox cover plate, the louvres should be facing rearwards, opposite to the radiator louvres. this lessens the amount of dust entering,
  21. The plate in the top pic, fits over the NBC pack, large hole for the inlet seal and the small hole for the 1st stage scavange, this is the debris outlet.
  22. PSU for one set went under the gunners seat
  23. it is a RARDEN spares wallet, the second larger picture is of the RARDEN cleaning kit, the springs in it are for the breech mechanism, and the circular clip is for the flash hider.
  24. it is, many thanks, just bought it. just need to search for the period items, I feel a couple of visits to militaria shows coming on.
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