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  1. Turbo ferret is complete and runs amazingly. No heat problems. Does up hills in 5th gear abns keeps up with traffic:) running 5 to 6 psi.
  2. The radiator fan basically makes the engine compartment a wind-tunnel.
  3. Yeah except they blew 2 gearboxs and a few bevel boxes trying to film the toyo commercial. Not to mention the engine is exposed on top and they replaced parts with aluminum. Im in the process of making my second ferret better than the toyo ferret. 500hp, no gearbox bevels or hu gears. And an unchanged hull.
  4. Doing a few performance upgrades. A t3/t4 turbocharger is being fitted to the exhaust manifold. Original exhaust outlet will be used. Upgrading the oil filter housing to a modern unit that can have an oil output to lube the turbo and use a standard auto canister filter. 6-8psi of boost should boost power by about 30%. It will boost at low rpm so it wont have turbo lag and will basically behave more like a 6litre engine instead of a 4l. I means ill be able to go up reasonable hills at reasonable speed without dropping down gears. Ill be installing a good heatsheild for the
  5. someone on a ferret forum mentioned this one.. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/.../Mowag_4x4_armored... This was the Swiss recce veh thwt served the same purpose as a Ferret. They chose to have armoured wheel covers. Most likely because: the vehs were primarily for roads and gravel tracks; the vehs were to be used in Switzerland and they knew where their own minefields were; and, the vehs were also to serve an internal security role. They were superceded by the Piranha family and became anti tank training target vehs. A number are in private hands in the UK.
  6. After replacing the old runflat tires on my ferret with modern non-runflat tires, i started to think about the aliens movie APC. I couldn't find any real vehicles that actually have an armored plate in front of the tires. I thought there would be 2 main benefits of doing it. It would be a certain level of resistance to a bullet penetrating the steel and puncturing the tire. But also, if the tire was punctured, it would retain a large amount of its rolling diameter with the steel plate actually taking the weight of the vehicle. The lip/edge of that plate could also be widened t
  7. Great, thread. thanks! Sorry for silly question but how do you check the level( or top up) of the FFW without removing the engine?
  8. Oh i just realized there is a classifieds section if a mod would like to move this thread there
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