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Your exhort angle

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mt exit is facing down and expels the soot over the side of the tank some people say it should be up others say rain gets in it that way . do any of you have  pictures of how you angle yours . I have a new end can for my tank so will have to make an extension for it and a tip .


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Thanks as you know my tank will be a little different and stand out from the crowed  . Im fitting a Stainless steel  race end can from a 1000cc race m cycle to my tank . The big silencer thats on now will be coming off. The main long joining pipe will be powder coated heat satin black as will the can and i will have to weld a longer tip on it to angle it out . i just wanted to know were to angle it so i can decide how big to make it . I will make a steel cover it so from the out side it wont look any different then the standard one but it will sound far nicer . i know a bloke who fitted one to his car just for a large and it sounded wicked ,. so with the flat 6 motor its going to sound very powerfull as its a straight threw race pipe .



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