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Airborne jeep markings

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This is my favourite airborne jeep pic, and a source of inspiration for my airborne jeep, but is the yellow and green flash correct, and what does the number in the middle of the wheel mean?


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There has been some confusion on the markings over the years, the correct would be a square with green over white with a square line not a angled line. But I have seen both types of markings.


The jeep above is a HQ vehicle


A diamond for Headquarters Troop, triangle for A Troop, circle for C Troop, and square for D Troop. In the center of these markings is a number. Probably a vehicle loading number within the squadron, e.g. 15 inside square (D Troop), 18 inside circle ( C Troop), 21 inside triangle (A Troop).

1 AB Div AoS Reece Sqn copy.jpg

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