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R.E. plant Photos

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6 minutes ago, Mick Norton said:

Dear All,

The airportability of the Muirhill A5000 was a big selling point in the 1970s.

Mick Norton






There was actually an airborne Plant Sqn, from Aldershot and their Muir Hills had the cab 'hacked' off. I use that word because it was a rough job! I guess it was to reduce the height to fit in a Herc.


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4 minutes ago, Mick Norton said:


That was 9 Independent Parachute Sqn RE.


Yes! That was it, I could not remember the number. I did a lot of plant repairs for units around the South East District, inc. 36 Engr Regt, RSME and so on.

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Did anyone get to any of the RE Demonstrations?

Our Plant course had a slight involvement back in 1979 at Lodge Hill.

Apologies for the quality but it was a pocket instamatic.

Demo 1.jpg

Demo 2.jpg

Demo 3.jpg

Demo 4.jpg

Demo 5.jpg

Demo 6.jpg


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