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Time to enjoy historic military vehicles

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Hi everyone,


Just a quick introduction about my interest in military vehicles.

I have spent a lifetime of work in the civilian ammunition world. Now I have built my last round, advised on my last SAAF factory build and looking forward to enjoying a practical interest in historic military vehicles.


I have owned as part of my job several live test guns, Soviet 76mm field gun, 25pounder field gun, FH70155mm and all manner of small arms weapons. I also privately owned for ten years a vehicle set of Lance missile carriers (launcher & carrier) which I sold back to the part of Germany they were used by the British Army, to be fully restored.

I realised in retirement I did not want the hassle of caring for a low loader to carry tracked vehicles. After all for me its a hobby not a business. I had always been interested in the military vehicles of the Warsaw pack so I went to Czech Republic this summer and bought an OT-64 SKOT R3. This is the command and signals version made in 1968 and was used as a mobile divisional command centre. In all the joint project between Poland and Czech produced about 6500 vehicle between them. A total of only 92 R3's were made from 1965-68.

The vehicle arrived about a month ago and having sorted HMRC import procedures, I am in the process of verification with MVT. Then after registration I'm hoping to get on the UK roads as I have a suitable HGV licence.


I hope you will come and visit if you see me at a show, a beer or a brew will always be available. I look forward to the practical end of vehicle restoration and hope to start this winter.


I also have interests in the Cold War period and am a long time member of Subterranea Britannia (Sub-Brit).


Bob Lawson

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Welcome in Bob, interesting intro, we look forward to some pics of you vehicle.

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