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  1. I have never known how or where the belt drive pulleys fit. It has to line up with the PTO and the corresponding hole in the cross member. I now have a copy of the starter charger parts book so I thought I would have another look. Although the parts book is not over clear it dose give an idea of the angle and position of the pulley bracket. I managed to work out that it bolts to the angle irons that mount the belly plates but this throws up the problem that the angles of the angle irons are wrong. It would appear that the starter chargers had different belly plates and angle irons to other Loyd's so I will have to alter the angle irons and remake the 2 front belly plates. Peter.
  2. Bit of a steady day today. I drilled and fitted the second body support plate then made some tooling to press some support plates that fit on top of the cross member to level the floor with the gearbox cross member. As the pattern one was a bit mangled I first clamped a length of plate to the gearbox cross member and made a template to get the correct angle. I then made some tooling to the template and pressed it hot in 4mm plate and cut down to size. The new grease seals for the wheels turned up to today. Peter.
  3. If you look through the tool catalogues there is a tool for every job but you have to weigh up the cost against how much usage you will get from them. I have tools I have used once then have just sat in the house and others that were just useless gimmicks. The Loyd is eating large sums of money at the moment and my mig welder has died. Thanks for the suggestion and I will look into the cost of them. Peter.
  4. I refitted the centre right body panel and drilled the remaining holes then fitted the rear right panel marked the inside edge of the chassis rail on the panel, removed the panel to cut to size. Then for a change I refitted the panel and drilled the remaining holes. I then positioned an angle irons along the under side of the outer edge, drilled it and bolted it up then repeated it with a second angle iron that runs on the inside edge. These angle irons still need cutting to length. There were some holes that needed drilling through the front track guard extensions but I could not get my drill in. I then worked out that I could fit a 6mm drill bit in my die grinder and although a bit steady it saved a lot of work taking things apart and then putting them back together again. I marked the plates that support the body off the ends of the axles. While I was drilling the first one the hole saw bit bust the arbor mandrel and left a nice bruise on my leg so that stopped that job for a few days while a new one turns up. I was able to knock the hole out and clean it up so I was able to fit the first one although there is still a bracket to weld on the back. Peter.
  5. The 4 hub seals have just turned up from MAC's in the U,S,. Only orded them last Tuesday. Peter.
  6. I've finished the front track guards today. Once I had bent the curved fold to 90degrees as covered in previous post I hammered it almost flat then pressed it flat to straighten it out. I then repeated thing's for the other side. I have also replaced some bolts on a chassis cross member with rivets. I now need to refit the body panels so I can fit the 4 angle irons that run the length of the body above the tracks. Peter.
  7. I have finished welding the body support brackets today but I am a bit short of pictures. Also started putting the curved folded over edge on the track guard that I had started last week. I am doing this by using a piece of square bar bent to shape by wedgeing it in the end of the loyd chassis and bending it over the front axle then clamping it to the track guard and hammering it over with some heat. I will press it flat tomorrow and continue the second one.
  8. I've had a busy week, went down to Duxford on Tuesday and then silageing the rest of the week. I did lay the original pattern transmission cover plates on the chassis to get an idea of how they sat there is a 3rd part that sits between and to the rear which incorporates the mounting position of the air cleaner and the stowage for the stone wear jar for distilled water. The front half of the left plate will be cut away to allow the belts from the PTO to pass up to the dynamos above. Also I collected the straps from my engineer that hold the gear lever base to the torque tube. I was just going to get the machining done but with about 5 to 6 weeks until harvest and still a lot of work to do on the body I decided to get them to do the whole job. Peter.
  9. As I had pulled my frame and jack's out I decided to tackle the pressing on the rear edge of the driver's floor that gives clearance for the torque tube/ prop shaft. The floor plate is 3mm plate and Alastair had lent me the tooling that he had made to press his floor plate. Normally I would have either bolts or dowl pins to locate the top and bottom of the tooling but I was more than happy to spend a little more time lining thing's up to save me having to make my own tooling. Once again it's a detail that very few people will ever notice but I know it's there! Peter.
  10. Thanks for the positive comments. I do enjoy doing jobs like this and these pressings have come well. I have attached some better pictures of the tooling showing the counter sunk bolt and the welds. Peter.
  11. Although the is still lots of little jobs to finish on the body I decided to tackle the biggest remaining one which was the pressings in the floors of the rear side panels. I first marked the line of the chassis and outriggers on the underside of the panel with a marker pen. The pressings are to clear the outriggers. I then removed the rear panels and carefully measured both set markings which were reasonably close to each other. Then using pictures and measurements supplied by Andrew and Alastair I marked out the pressing on a piece of 6mm plate and cut it out, then using 2 more pieces of 6mm plate I lined all 3 plates up and drilled 3 sets of holes for gide bolts. The piece of plate that forms the pressing had 2 holes drilled at the end that was nearest the centre and were then counter sunk on opposite sides and corresponding holes drilled and tapped into the outside plates. The other end on the edge of the plate was welded. I then set it all up in my frame with the side panel sandwiched between and pressed it with 2 bottle Jack's. I then removed the counter sunk bolt welded the plate to the other side then cut the original welds and refined the counter sunk bolt in the other hole and pressed the other side. The panels still need cutting down to the inside edge of the chassis rail. Peter.
  12. I've had a busy week at work so not got a lot done but I did manage to remove the rear body support brackets and finish welding them then refit. I also made a start on the front track guards that extend forward of the front plate. Peter.
  13. I have welded the bottom uprights on the rear body support brackets. One moved while welding and was tipped in about 12mm at the top so I heated up the bottom and jacked it out slightly further than needed so when things had cooled down and I released the jack it was spot on. I was then able to fit and drill the rear side panels. Once I was happy with the fit and alignment of everything I clamped a length of T section across the rear of the body and offered up the top half of the rear body support brackets (I had already welded the 90° angle). I then cut them to length and the correct angle, bolted them in place then welded them. There is still some welds to finish. Next job is to fit the 4 angle irons that run the length of the body and should line everything thing up. Peter.
  14. I managed to get another good hour tonight and was able to mark out the 2 rear side panels. I cut the first one and test fitted it and it looks good, it will probably need some fine adjusting but I was happy to cut the second one. Thanks Andrew, I am slowly working out how thing's fit in relation to each other. Peter.
  15. I finished work earlier than expected tonight so I managed to get out for an hour. My plan was to start working out where to cut the rear side panels as there is a section to cut out of each side, also there is a pressing to put in the floor. First I offered up an original step plate that didn't fit, after some head scratching I worked out that the a bar was back to front so I turned it round and everything fitted and lined up. I then offered up the original rear side panel and a curved panel which I think covers the exhaust? I now have a good idea how thing's sit and can work out the measurement. Peter.
  16. I removed the front panel again to drill 6 holes and then put it all back together. I then fitted the last 2 angle irons and welded them in. There is a tray to make and fit across the inside the front lower hull plate along with some fuel line clips but I need to get over to Alastair's to borrow the pattern. Next job is to finish the sides. Peter.
  17. Now I am happy with the front panel alignment I have started to fit the angle iron to the inside of the front panel. The first 2 are straight forward lengths of angle iron that run from the top corners of the lower front hull plate to the outside edge of the body with 3 holes in the front and 3 in the bottom, I need to remove the front panel again to drill the holes down through the bottom of the panel's. There are then 4 angles that run top to bottom of the front panel that are welded to angles on the lower panel. I have got the centre 2 done these angles also mount the instrument panel. Next I need to do the outer angles which run along the inside edge of the fuel tanks and hold some of the fuel tank brackets. Peter.
  18. I am finally happy with the alignment of the front body panels. When I started I went from the back edge of the original front lower hull plate and I should have started from the front edge throwing everything out by ¼" causing the gaps at the front corners. I sorted things out by slotting the holes in the front side panels. The rear hole are covered by the centre panel on the outside and the body support bracket on the inside. The front holes will be behind the tracks and don't stand out so I will live with them. I also took the time to get the front panel to sit better. This involved trimming the front edge of the front side panels. I had the front panel on and off 4 times today and although not heavy it is large and difficult to line up and get the bolts in. I need to take the front panel off again in the morning so I can drill 6 holes. Peter.
  19. Still making steady progress although putting in lots of hours. I got a small alignment problem which needs addressing next or else it will cause other problems down the line. Peter.
  20. I collected a length of angle iron this morning and fitted it to the front plate using a plate borrowed from Alistair as a pattern. Then I could not get anything to line up correctly, wasting most of the after noon before realising that the holes for the first set of body brackets were 1/2" out. (I didn't drill them!) These were redrilled then everything made sense. I hope to have a better day tomorrow as everything now makes sense! I am a bit short of pictures will try to get more tomorrow. Peter.
  21. Thanks for the positive comments. Discs aren't cheap but was probably the cheapest and quickest way to do the job. I had to visit a mate in Lincoln hospital on Monday afternoon so when I had done I popped round to see Alistair and borrowed some of his original pattern body panels to give me hole patterns. The pictures show some of the parts layed out on Alistair's Loyd. Peter.
  22. I set to this afternoon and cut all the T section steel to length and then cut a half inch strip off all but 2 of them as my back started to complain. Not the best way to spend Sunday afternoon but a bad job almost out the way. Peter.
  23. I have got the bottom of the body support brackets welded up and fitted. I have left the rear ones long so I can lay a straight edge on them. I should have left the front one's long but had cut them before I had thought about that. Now need to cut a half inch strip off about 24ft of T steels!😵👎 Peter.
  24. I still had a few little jobs to finish while the chassis was upside down. The first was to replace a missing rivet then shape the belly plate over the head of the rivet. This was done by heating the plate up and hammering a pice of tube over it. I then checked the final fit of the belly plates which isn't good on the original pattern plates, lots of wide gaps! I was then able to remove the belly plates, turn the chassis over and around so I can now work on the body support brackets then the driver's floor which will involve removing the front axle. Peter.
  25. I have made a start on the base plate for the gear leaver, just need to drill a hole and then slot it out. I have also cut out some plates for the body support brackets. The T section for the body support brackets should be 2" by 1 1/2" but I could only get 50mm by 50mm so I will have to cut 1/2" off one side with the grinder. Peter.
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