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  1. It's going down hill rapidly TBH. There are some nuggets there but: Stall holders down Vehicles down We took someone who hadn't been before. Went to the arena we found that you cannot see and there are insufficient speakers to hear what's going on! The cleaners were absolutely fantastic. But honestly two crappers just in the main entrance! Two! We had to use these for the entire week and they were so small I'm going to practise for next year by defecating in an office filing cabinet - they were so very small! Just how far have you to camp from the BA to be able to sleep before 04:00? You can't do anything about Operation Stack, but two tiny bogs etc is taking us for mugs.
  2. The Romney Hythe and Dymchurch Railway had guns.
  3. We used the bog at the end of H Jones field (I think!). The ones nearest the entrance. There seemed to be a lad there all day cleaning and re-supplying. Bless him, he was most embarrassed when I thanked him for his good work! Mind you the showers adjacent would have benefited from running water...
  4. Are those who are whining and moaning the same one's who complained that they wouldn't go to W&P this year as it was wet and muddy? I remember why I don't come in here often, now.
  5. Nice show. Nice people. Nice load of tracked stuff. Nice Wall of death and nice fireworks too! See you all next year.
  6. Best buys were a heavy canvas and leather bag approx 1 ft square for a fivver. And also a pair of used Dutch para boots for... £2:50!!!
  7. They had toilets?!?!?! Outer Monktons had four, yes four, for the hundreds of people camped in the field. No showers and no tap. My lad had a touch of D&V and it was a 20 minute round trip in the mud! By the time he got back he was off again!
  8. Every other year there have been ex-RAF crash trucks including a TACR, they're designed for off road use.
  9. I'm definately going. I think it's getting out again that could be problematical...
  10. Ooo all this talk of OM-15. I remeber using that stuff in the RAF. Cherry red and smells of cats piss! MMMmmmmmm....
  11. I have a mate who swears by the Santa Fe. Is that worth a look? In comparison to the other stuff mentioned it's chap as chips and has an amazing warrenty.
  12. It's good for touching up bike petrol tanks when chipped. Even better if the tank is red!
  13. Is there a link to the day somewhere? A run? To where? How long? etc...
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