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  1. I don't know about the historical testing of Comet with Malkara, but I came upon this thread while researching 'in the opposite direction'. At the start of the year for PreservedTanks.com I researched the tanks that either are, or have at some time, been on the books of the Bovington tank museum. The results are here: http://preservedtanks.com/LocationCategory.aspx?CountryId=4&Max=3030 One of the Comets that had been on the books was described in the following way: "...used as a trial Malkara launch vehicle". At the time I could find out nothing more but more recently I have been writing up the tanks at the Isle of Wight Military History Museum: http://preservedtanks.com/Locations.aspx?LocationCategoryId=3100 One of the Comets there is described in the following way: "It has had a new front welded on as the original was removed to accommodate a prototype rocket launcher". I presume these to be the same vehicle and have combined their entries into one: http://preservedtanks.com/Profile.aspx?UniqueID=2061 Let me know if this adds anything to the Comet/Malkara story, and particularly if you can add any further information on this vehicle.
  2. I remember your old T34 going - have you acquired a new one?
  3. Chieftain turret drill trainer (or gunnery simulator)?
  4. This is the Museum's Grant in all its glory (I don't mean to hijack the thread - shout if you mind): M3 Grant - Tank Museum
  5. There's one at the Aldershot museum, but maybe that's not close enough: http://preservedtanks.com/Locations.aspx?LocationCategoryId=3130
  6. So - maybe it's a stupid question - why did they bother? Couldn't make their mind up?!
  7. Good luck, Iain - definitely a labour of love!
  8. I've written it up for PreservedTanks.com - I've deciphered it's movements as best I can, hence the complicated map. It arrived in Jordan in late November. If anyone has more information I'd love to hear it. http://preservedtanks.com/Profile.aspx?UniqueID=2170
  9. A bit late in the day, I know, but I've just seen it on the A+S website, so it presumably went via there: http://www.arm-soft.com/workshop/index.php Hope that helps! I'm currently writing up A+S for PreservedTanks.com, so I was scouring the photographs for clues to which vehicles had passed through there, and a Google on the reg got me here - very handy, so thanks everyone here for the info on where it went. Location ID 3350: A+S
  10. The Bassingbourn Grant is now at the Imperial War Museum in London.
  11. A complete workshop for that price - sounds like a bargain.
  12. Iain, I've written up your two original FV432/30s on PreservedTanks.com here: Unique ID 1838: Armourgeddon FV432/30 01A Jane Unique ID 1839: Armourgeddon FV432/30 14B Ellie May Can you add any more information, such as registrations, dates arrived, previous service, etc? Thanks.
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