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  1. The turret inside is complete less the gun guard and striker. The breech block has been tack welded to the breech ring in the closed position, the rest, seats, boxes, sights etc.. all seem to be there. I was in it just before it was placed.
  2. Yes they will be firing at canvas and wooden targets. Most big calibre weapons have stopped shooting at Hards already.
  3. All these are due for removal from the range. It will start with the ones in the "dead vehicle park" and eventually include all the rest. Hard targets like these just cause to much environmental damage.
  4. 00EB31 about the 9th production Chieftain. Now an AVLB and spared death row again. Very unlikely now that this vehicle will ever be shot at. Unusual vehicle that should probably be saved. It is the early configuration of the AVLB as well as being an original gun tank hull.
  5. Some more, mainly Chieftain, there was a glut of them available over the last twenty years.
  6. Another Centurion on the same range.
  7. Centurion ARV - Lulworth. The front end has a large square plate of armour put against. The front of the vehicle is a bit bashed in. More to follow
  8. Chieftain ARV on the range at Lulworth. This one is used as a target mainly for the smaller calibre weapons, mostly 7.62 machines guns of various types.
  9. The Mk4 Chieftain, only two ever made and they were built as a result of the requirements of the IDF; politics got in the way and the sale never happened. As far as is known one vehicle was scrapped and this one, 02 SP 97, was fitted with the crane. It was used at Kirk to move heavy lumps around etc. As I said this one was the only surviving Mk4 Chieftain; if anyone knows what became of it I and others would be very interested. The following images are from when it was a gun tank and at Kirkcudbright in the seventies. One parked next to the Centurion crane which we also used on the range a
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