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  1. Overloon have examples of the M4, 5 & 6 HST! http://preservedtanks.com/Locations.aspx?LocationCategoryId=11400
  2. Saw this, a hint that he's possibly getting a bit old to be jumping out of planes?
  3. Top one certainly looks like a chunk of Cromwell engine deck. http://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/12/stuff_eng_lindgren_cromwell.htm
  4. Yes, a G13. Diesel engine a dead give away.
  5. One wonders what the law is in the Ukraine, re exporting of stuff like this?
  6. November 1918, was one of the coldest of the 20th Century.
  7. Owner found he couldn't make money out of it? Looks a bit pricey, as Tanks-A lot have 4 for sale, £6-9K for the Mk1/2 & £15K for a MkIV?
  8. Like all these programs, made for the general public, not the knowledgeable enthusiast. I saw one a few days back, they were searching for a Schwimwagen in Normandy. Found it "eventually", in a farmer's barn. A bit of a rusty bodyshell, with what appears to be shrapnel damage. Still got its SS registration plate visible. Old French farmer wouldn't part with it, even at Euros 60K! Interesting to see what's still out there. Treat it as a bit of entertainment, same as the other stuff on the History Channel, where clips of Spitfire MkXIVs are seen, when the Battle of Britain is discussed!
  9. I believe one of them has donated a propeller to the one restored by the Pearsons.
  10. Many of the early armoured cars were simply armour plates attached to the chassisof a touring car. The Belgian Minerva, for example. A little more advanced, in that it had an armoured door to close the radiator off & a small shield for the gunner. http://www.landships.info/landships/car_articles.html?load=car_articles/Minerva.html
  11. Ooooops! Looks like some silly bugger thought Norway's in the tropics, or climate change has warmed it up!
  12. The clip posted by TonyB shows it. First 3 aircraft are the real Hurricanes, the three in the background are Buchons. Here's one of them. http://warbirds.wikia.com/wiki/File:Hurrischmitt6.jpg
  13. Since there are Willy's Jeeps on there, for up to £25k, then I suppose it's not that much.
  14. Pzkpfw-e


    We're now down to single figures for BoB surviving pilots.
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