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  1. Leaking dumped chemical weapons, is a problem in several regions. An awful lot of stuff was dumped at sea, after WW1. Mustard gas is leaking from dumped munitions near Knokke, Belgium. The Baltic has several leaking dumps, from German WW2 chemical munitions. "Operation Sandcastle" was one disposal operation. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Sandcastle
  2. Must be my German ancestry! DSCN0911.MOV
  3. Sunk into a nice, anoxic mud, in fresh water. Bearings well packed with grease before it went for its swim, so no surprise at the state of preservation. There's a number of uTube clips showing T34s, dragged from similar bogs, wheels rolling nicely & one of the pair of bogeys from a Porsche-suspension Jagdtiger, that've been out in the fresh air for decades, that spin quite happily.
  4. Coastal Command service too, judging by their camouflage. Or Royal Hellenic Airforce?
  5. A toastie warm Friday & Saturday, spent at The Tank Museum. Along with the usual exhibits, guest appearances from the newly restored Ha-Go, the Panther Ausf A from Saumur, the Weald's Jagdpanther (Steering brakes playing up, so did a lap of the arena only) & one of their Stugs (Went tech, I suspect, so didn't run), plus the newly restored Matilda II from the museum's collection (Which was also playing up in the heat) & the newly loaned Churchill MkIII..
  6. The BBMF's Dakota, was given the serial ZA947, in July 1979, as original serial number is (currently) unknown. It was originally made for the USAAC, then transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force, then came to the RAE in April 1969. It was originally given the serial KG661, until it was found that this Dakota had been destroyed in December '44. The Fw190 pictured, is from Schnellkampfgeschwader 10 (SKG 10) a bomber unit, so has appropriate unit codes.
  7. That'll keep lawyers in business for many years.
  8. 5 Shermans trundling around on BBC 2 currently.
  9. There were still "Civil" airliners running during the war, under the auspices of BOAC.
  10. Multiple Aircraft Repair Units covering North Africa & the Middle East. https://www.rafweb.org/Members Pages/Unt Histories/Maintenance Units etc/RSUs.htm
  11. Overloon have examples of the M4, 5 & 6 HST! http://preservedtanks.com/Locations.aspx?LocationCategoryId=11400
  12. Saw this, a hint that he's possibly getting a bit old to be jumping out of planes?
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