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  1. Thoughts on the New Forum Layout?

    The Forum has evolved a few times over the years and we've had the same complaints everytime. Don't forget it's a free service, the few donations we do receive is a drop in the ocean compared to the true running cost of the forum. Given time members will get use to the new layout, as they have done in the past.
  2. Vintage & antique machine tools

    What is the problem with the thread? We don't delete threads without a good reason..
  3. War and peace 2017 ?

    The language in this thread is getting out of hand, the next person to use an expletive will be taking a break from the forum, there will be no warnings.
  4. Unabled

    PM sent
  5. Comments & Questions

    Just a reminder that if anyone would like to comment on Clive's latest or any of his other papers they may do so in this thread.
  6. Thank you Clive for another fascinating paper. British Army Green Paints.pdf
  7. DE-act weapons now we are BRITISH

    A reminder of Jacks recent post on Politics..
  8. Yet again we've had reported posts as members can't follow the rules and keep the forum free from Politics. Posts have been deleted.. Next member that posts a political comment will earn themselves a short break from the forum ..
  9. Re-posting Jacks statement as some members seem not to be getting the message that Politics are not welcome on the Forum.
  10. Ebay adverts

    The feeds are automatic, if someone advertises a car in the eBay Mil section it will show up here, we delete them as soon as we are aware of them..
  11. EU thread on deacts disappeared

    Read forum rules re politics.. It was respected members complaining about the posts asking them to be removed. As said if a problem message one of the HMVF Team.. Lockng thread as serves no purpose
  12. EU thread on deacts disappeared

    A couple of posts were removed after complaints from members regarding politics being brought into the thread, it seems there a has been a forum glitch and the whole thread has disappeared.. It was not removed deliberately. Any queries please send a PM to one of the team..
  13. Another excellent article from Clive. BRIGHT SPARKS FOR LAND ROVER v1.00.pdf
  14. Another interesting read from Clive.. Shorland_mods.pdf
  15. Irratating pop up............

    Joris has installed a thing call viglinks http://www.viglink.com/ which turns words and phrases in posts in to hyperlinks to advertising sites, it has been on HMVF for a couple of years, this has nothing to do with clicking an adchoices button. Anything else appearing on your browser due to clicking eternal links is probably down to lack off or poor adaware/popup blockers or virus protection.