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So here is the big one...........!


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I do like to cause trouble :shock: so here is the question that everyone loves to hate :roll:


I am going paint the GMC and I am going to start to rub it down this week.


So........here it is;


WHAT SHADE OF GREEN DO I USE TO PAINT IT!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:


Let the debate begin but be quick as I want to get on with it :wink:






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Jack, It's not just the colour, remember too... the luster factor.


Now this week I shall be mainly using;


a/. Lusterless


b/. Semi Luster


c/. Full Luster


d/. A little bit glossy


e/. Quite a lot glossy


f/. Really really shiny.


delete as appropriate.


Hey It's YOUR party..... YOU choose.




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Hi Jack,

this could be detirmined by what unit you are going to portray the vehicle as, as there are different shades of olive drab :shock: may be a sample (of paint) to many of the suppliers (see milweb) could assist.

Or paint it german ordanance tan for those Bovvy week ends :wink:

mien fuhrer.



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we painted our Bedford in an airdry matt enamel which was easy for home painting as it dries fairly quick.

Any decent paint supplier should be able to mix it up in whatever shade you require.

it is not super shiny as it is a matt but it does age nicely



if you do want a shine for a particular event a bit of babyoil or wd40 ( and i mean a bit) rubbed in with a lint free cloth works pretty ace


this was painted about 3/4 years ago.

We have also found that the small rollers from wilkinson 2 for about £2.00 are excellant for a smooth paint job. the rollers are only about 4' long & are more of a solid sponge than a soft sponge.



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yes it is.

It has been a great little show but sadly they will not do any more so we are lead to believe.

have you been to the 1940's events there?




Yes kind of,.... I was born in Bristol and the last '40's event I attended was arranged by the Luftwaffe.



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Is that the original paint with the lead in it?

I thought that was verboten by HSE.


I had mine painted with original spec paint after the accident and it looks OK but it takes a long time to harden.

I am led to believe it fades more than modern spec paint so it is harder to touch in at a later date.



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