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Hi all,


Looking forward to taking part in this forum, hopefully it will have an even spread of vehicles to discuss, not predominantly US as some other forums. From this you may understand that I am an enthusiast of British (and Commonwealth) vehicles from 1930's to present day.


I have been working on military vehicles for over 31 years now as a full time job, firstly with the MoD Workshops and then with my own business after the Workshops closed.


Not only is Military Vehicles my profession, it has also been my hobby, for a longer period than that, starting with two BSA B40WD motorcycles, one British Army and the other, Royal Navy. I have been a member of MVCG / MVT since 1978 and also an original member of IMPS when it started in 1980.




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Welcome Kewelde.


Thanks for the intro and I think you have hit the nail on the head with regards to US vehicles and there is no intention for HMVF to become another 'US MV' site. It just looks like us US MV owners just like to yack!


This site is for all MV owners, no matter what age or where they come from, the more we all talk, then there is more of a chance of keeping history rolling.


Now lets get some British and Commonwealth and other MV owners on here, discussing all the fun and the despair of owning theirs :shock: .......





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