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Landrover FFR 1980's

paul connor

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Does anyone have a Diagram in pictures of how the installation is meant to look with the radios batteries in the rear.


Mine has had most of the items removed and I am re installing them to charge the rear batteries..


its ok having a wiring diagram but pictures are more helpful!


many cheers...






shunt box

stowage box

all connections and how set up

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Im mainly trying to work out from pictures what ges where and what cables go where..


So far what I can see. Correct me if im wrong...


Front batteries have + & - as normal.


distribution box has alternator power in, and output goes to the shunt box


from the shunt box there is one cable split into two. Live and Earth.


This from what I can see would lead up through the bulkhead to the Stowage box.


they join internally to the stowage box + & -


from the stowage box there are + & - leads which I assume go to the radio batteries?


on the stowage box there is isolation points for when the batteries not charging..


is it as simple as this??

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