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Meteor Manual needed


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I need the parts bnook and maintainance manuals for teh Centurion MK3 for the RR Meteor engine. Does anyone have one or know where I can get one. I have a Pratt and Whitny twin wasp parts book and also a RR Griffon engine manual that I can trade for these. Or I can take whoever lets me have teh manuals for a run in the BARV. I need to get these ASAP as this is one of the big jobs I need to do on the engine so I can take it to War and Peace next year. Also need a head gasket for a RR Meteor? :readbook:

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I would guess that mine is a 4B engine as it was refitted in the 60's when it became a BARV. There is an intermitant flame comming from what looks to be the base of the cylinder head on the right hand bank. , it does not seem to be a loos plugs which had been my first thought. But without the parts book it is difficult to work out what goes where.

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Could be a manifold gasket leak if it's on the outside of the head. If it is leaking at the head joint, it's likely the liner and/ or head are damaged.


My first thought would be exhaust gasket. Keeping the exhausts tight was a problem in service.


All Centurions had a 4B with the AVRE having a 4BH which had a hydraulic pump fitted.

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