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New US Archives available online!


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A chum from the US just sent me this link....


The site is http://www.fotenote.com and it is saying that it is the biggest WW2 US collection online. It looks a massive resource and thought this link would be of great interest to Jessie the Jeep and Clive D.S.


Over 16,000 case files of Missing Air Crew Reports (MACRs) and related records of the US Army Air Forces, 1942-1947. Learn more




The site is massive! It is free for a ltd only...

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Oh Wow, Jack. Within just 5 minutes I have answered 2 need to know questions about my tanker.


Unfortunately I fear you have messed up Mrs. N.O.S.'s Christmas big time, you can expect a call from her..............


B*gger - I was looking for stuff about your tanker too but got side tracked by umm, err, tents!


It is an amazing place and the historians are going to love it. Sorry about Mrs N.OS. and you must of given her my mobile number as she has just texted me. She was offering a large some of money to shut down HMVF! :coffee:

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I think you must have mis-read that text, Jack - she was muttering something about demanding a large sum of money.


Yes, a fantastic resource for high quality period photographs. For example, I've ust discovered that 401st BG used the same trailer with U-7144T soft tops, so not so uncommon a combination as I first thought.


The written archives must be of immense value to researchers too. Good call!

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