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Transportation Corps


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Transportation Corps covered a lot of units, but I assume you mean in the gmc Jimmy sense.


Well firstly your biggest problem is well how can I put this,....... you're Caucasian. 99.9% of TC drivers weren't.!


Some Whities were seconded to the TC in times of need especially on the likes of the Red Ball and other lesser known "priority" routes.


Many a truck was requisitioned from other units to fill the need and the likes of AAA, Laundry and Kitchen, Mobile Cinemas and Library units from more "static" companies gave them up in their thousands.


So the real question you have to ask is Where? and When?


Be a Whitey and an officer, but then you don't get to drive! Not stricktly true but thats the gist.


Be an driver and your outfit will originate, as would the vehicle markings, from the unit you were drawn from.


So HBT Coveralls, HBT cap or beanee, M1 Helmet, and Buckle boots would do it.


Or EM shirt, M41 jacket, (TIE if anywhere NEAR Old Georgy and his 3rd.) Mustards, leggings dismounted, and rough-outs. M1 helmet.


Oh and a couple of these: TC MTS patches for the sleeves of your 41 and EM shirt , but NOT on your coveralls





With Bernie taking a similar interest, it looks like we Gotta us a: C-O-N-V-O-Y

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As Lloyd ducks for cover here...Colin my ol mate you are not "quite " right here on this issue.


100% right on the uniform regs of the era.......but the Transportation Corps was made of majority white and the Quartermaster Transportation Corps was majority colored...I.e Red Ball express.


The Transportation Corps was more responsible for the MOVEMENT of supplies and stores whereas the QM trucking companies were responsible for the actual transportation of the goods


with me so far.................. :wink:


The Transportaion Corps also had Railway Companies/ Stevedore Companies,Port Battalions etc....


they also wore ar Red and Gold armband with either T.C> USA or Transportation Corps ...USA on it.....


but as Colin correctly says the standard GI issue uniform was worn...


Sidearms possibly if you were at a forward base area.


And as for the TC-MTS on the very rare arm patch......that actually stands for











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