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Hi Everyone,

My name is Michael (Mike/Mick) Bullock. I originally hail from the Monkey Hanging region of Hartlepool in the North East.

I now live with my (soon to be civil partner(female)) ,who I met in 1981 when we both  served in the Army. We got back together during lockdown and I moved down in 2021.

I joined Junior Leaders Regiment RAC in Jan 1973 after 2 years there I joined my Regiment The 15th/19th The King’s Royal Hussars,with whom I then served 20 years,until being made redundant on the 3rd phase of options for change,1995. During my time served I was stationed in numerous places in varying roles.,I was trained as a Crew Commander(mot & cvr(t), a gunner mech cvr(t) and RAC Signals Instructor. I was trained and used various AFV’s wheeled and tracked. 
After redundancy I did various jobs but settled as an HGV driver for Morrison Supermarkets in Yorkshire and Teesside. My final position before retiring was with a local dairy here in Cornwall.

I have a number of loves in my life, the first being Leeds United who I have followed from the age of 12. I bowl for Bodmin bowls club, I like music(recently fulfilled a dream by seeing AC/DC at Wembley),travel,photography and just getting weekends away in our VW Transporter.

I’m a volunteer at The Bodmin Keep museum home of the DCLI & LI association. This was the main reason for joining the HMVF, as about 3 weeks ago we acquired a Mk 2 Ferret Scout Car, which we intend to try to restore back to its former glory.

There’s a lot I know about FSC’s but it is deep in my memory,a lot of which come back when I climb inside her,but there’s a lot I need to get clear advice on and I’m hoping to be able to do that by reading a lot of the posts and by the information or advice from the good seasoned members of the forum.

I will keep everyone informed of our progress and look forwards to speaking to people here throughout the process. 




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