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Series 3 Land Rover Front Axle Suffix Letter

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We have a 1973 Series 3 109" FFR. I need to identify what the  LR Parts manual refers to as the axle suffix letter, so I can order the correct parts I need for the front axle. Can anyone say where on the front axle I can find this suffix letter ? 


Mike Williams 

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Find the actual axle number ,  IIRC  -  it's at the FRONT on the upper half of the LONG tube  , may be rusted ?  - with luck and a wire brush - find the letter at the end of the number.  1973 original - I would expect all parts to be same as civvy time-line  , except that the casing will be reinforced type at underside (ISTR same part No. as a 1 ton , & same reinforced casing as used on a LWT up to mid-1980  (622199).


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