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Coloured Ghost drawing of FV651/652 Salamander

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34 minutes ago, Gordon_M said:

What's the difference between the 651 and the 652 please?   I was tempted by one in Ross of Girvans yard many years ago.


I think 651 was the prototype, and 652 was the production model. Take a look at https://sites.google.com/view/alvis-stalwart-hmlc-files/alvis-fv600-wheeled-section/alvis-salamander-crash-tender


But there were a number of different models in the 652


Just a matter of interest the different marks of the Mk 6 is as follows;

The original Mk 6 had a suction eye, the CBM (later BCF) hoses on drums, and had a 2500 GPM monitor.

Mk 6 B is the Mk 6, but converted in service to a 2500/5000 GPM monitor.

Mk 6 A did not have a suction eye; the CBM (later BCF) hoses were flaked in, and had a 2500 GPM monitor.

Mk 6 C same as Mk 6A but had a 2500/5000 GPM monitor.

Mk 6 D is the Mk 6A, but converted in service to a 2500/5000 GPM monitor.

Added by Dave Wickwar on 15 January 2012.



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