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British Artillery Treasures, from the 40s to the 80s

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Good Evening all,

My name is Geoffrey, and I am a member of a group of military vehicle enthusiasts and have been involved in the restoration of a range of vehicles and artillery for the last 30 years. Unfortunately, due to a change in circumstances, we are having to downsize our collection of vehicles, tools and equipment. Perhaps this presents an opportunity to someone on this forum?

The below is an indication of some of the items I am looking to find the right home for:

2 x Original early steel sand channels

3 x Oto Melara 105mm Pack Howitzer drill rounds in original boxes

Artillery Board (1951) in canvas cover dated 1943 with most fittings

Gun aiming posts

2 x Steel Ration boxes, 1 marked 5men/1day (1 marked JES/52,  the other JES /56)

2 x Field telephones with 3 original wood boxes

4 x AFV first aid kits with original contents, some complete, others partially complete

Post WW2 command post "warbox"


To name but a few....For your information this represents approximately 20% of the items available.

If any of that interests you please feel free to get in touch. Items are currently stored near Portsmouth, so when you come to collect you can visit the Royal Armouries National Museum of Artillery at Fort Nelson!












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On behalf of the Kent & Sharpshooters Yeomanry museum can I express interest in the aiming posts and arty board please? We would also be interested in anything 25pdr related to go with our gun.


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Good morning Gordon. Thank you for your prompt enquiry. I have various items which may interest you, but have to go away in the next 30 minutes until Sunday night. I can respoond in more detail on Monday. Where is your museum and is your 25 pdr complete or do you need anything for eg the breech mechanism? Do you need any Command Post items as I have a 'War Box' and some manuals which would normally go in the CP?




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