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Australian ww2 Dingo scout car-made by Ford Australia


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saw this on Australian facebook: $6000 Aussie dollars  approx 2500gbp

(2) Marketplace – 1942 Dingo Military | Facebook

Australian 1942  Ford Dingo armoured car - not to  be confused with the British Daimler Dingo armoured car

not  going to win any beauty stakes  

A total of 245 vehicles were built between late 1941 and early 1943, when production ceased due to the unsatisfactory performance of the vehicle.

Further modifications and development was halted in favour of the imported Lynx Scout Cars from Canada. The Dingo Scout Car served mainly with the Australian armoured divisions as a training vehicle. It had a crew of 2, carried a Wireless Set No.19 Mark 2 and was armed with a Bren Light Machine Gun. 

WarWheels.Net- Australian Dingo Scout Car 4x4 Index

Dingo Scout Car | Australian War Memorial (awm.gov.au)



i 'think' made on the ford CMP blitz chassis  in Geelong ,(50 miles out of Melbourne) with body made by Vic railways workshops in Newport Melbourne


made 406121587_10160999507749784_8694805113180538577_n.thumb.jpg.d973a2e4787051353e978452087c57f0.jpg




WarWheels.Net- Australian Dingo Scout Car 4x4 Index


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