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VJ Day Event Southampton City

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Dear MV enthusiasts,


All a bit last minute- but I have only just registered!


We are taking part in Southampton City Councils VJ Day celebrations this Sunday (14th August). Anyone wishing to bring an allied wartime vehicle would be most welcome. Although the city issued passes, latecomers will have to pick them up from me on the day!


Currently we have 15 vehicles coming.


We will meet at West Marlands Rd by the civic centre between 8-10am, and then be in a parade through the city centre following a commemorative service at mid-day. Following the parade MVs will be on show at the civic centre, where a free 40s dance is to be held in the afternoon.


Depart 4pm.


Hope to see anyone that might fancy a memorable day out.

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Hi Ross.


Welcome aboard!


That sounds like a special day out especially driving through the city centre seeing as it was pretty well blitzed. This site could of done with going live earlier in the year as we would all have time to work the shows out.........sorry about that :oops:


I will let those who I know, know about it but please do take some pictures and post them up on here.



What do you drive?





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Hi Jack,


I drive a '42 WC51 Dodge, in US Navy livery. It is little known that over here the US Navy did not bring its beloved Internationals, but generally used US Army stock vehicles so as not to introduce another spares stream.


There were quite a few USN Bluejackets about this part of the world then, so it seems appropriate.



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Well, VJ day gone,


The MVs did us proud, with 15 or so vehicles, from South Hampshire and West Sussex MVT area members attending- these ranged from Jeeps to a Diamond T wrecker and Scammell 30 tank transporter with trailer.


Thanks you all to those who helped make it a good day out.

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