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Rollers and railway sleepers at RAF Crash bays for Alvis Salamander transmission windup

Mark Ellis

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I read on a couple of Facebook groups today that the RAF installed rollers in the Crash bay floors, or just outside - so that the Salamanders could disperse the transmission windup.

Another person told of railway sleepers being placed on a quiet road or trackway behind the Crash bays. These sleepers being placed at set distance so that the the Salamander could be driven at speed to remove the transmission windup.

Would really appreciate any info that anyone has on this please, including pictures or documents on their use.

Many thanks




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1 hour ago, ted angus said:

That is all correct. Most stations had a cross country driving route which also had the desired effect.  Movement of  the mk 6 variants was always by low loader between units and to and from the regional 4th line workshops.  Ted.

This is referencing rollers or sleepers right next to the crash bay, rather than away from the crash bays, somewhere on the air field

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At RAF Leeming there was a monster road hump across one of the disused lengths of Peri track near the new control tower.

All vehicles used to cross it by driving at an angle at a crawl.

That is until we had a driver experienced in using a Saracen flat out.

The driver somehow managed to forget to tell the Commander what he was going to do.

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