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3HW - kickstarter jamming

Adrian Dwyer

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Morning all.  Is it a known problem with the 3HW gearbox that the kick starter jams when the quadrant fist begins to engage?  This has become an issue with the 'elastico' 3HW (see previous post for more detail about the '42 Italian Triumph): a good swinging-kick starting from the fully-upright position of the kick start routinely causes it to lock solid.  Should I be gently prodding it to a more horizontal attitude before I apply the downward force of my ever-increasing bulk!  Or is the jamming-up symptomatic of a gearbox issue, as yet undiagnosed?

The two images show the resting position of the kickstart and the point at which the quadrant just starts to engage (and at which it sometimes jams).

Many thanks in anticipation!




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Probably wear in the quadrant teeth and or pinion (T26) possibly exasperated if there's wear in the bushes. It's not uncommon. Sometimes if the kickstart balks at the top, it can be freed by turning the back wheel a few inches in gear. 

But it really needs a strip to assess properly. Ron 


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Thanks Ron - just replaced the quadrant, pinion, spring and bushes.  It's better than it was but still jams occasionally.  I'm thinking my technique is a bit too T150 and not enough 3HW!  Is it your experience that you have to me more careful engaging the quadrant on the 1940's box than on Triumph of the 60s and 70s?  

Thanks again.


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I recently rebuilt this gearbox for my WB30 from a box of parts. Apart from bearings,  shims, gaskets, nuts and screws, there are no new parts. Every now and then it baulks at the top of its stroke. I've found that usualy pulling in the clutch lever releives it enough to clear. After which when I'm kicking it over, I avoid the lever returning right to the top.  I've also been running up my Triumph 5SW the last few days and that jambed on one ocasion. I had to put it in gear and turn the back wheel . Obviously easier if you're ambidextrous enough to operate the valve lifter at the same time. The joys of old clunkers. Ron

DSCF5539 (2).JPG


DSCF3569 (2).JPG

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Ha Ha! There's your main problem. Did you buy UK parts or Indian made?

Yes always use the valve lifter to get over compression. It's surprises me how many guys and girls I meet who just don't get it🥴 Ron

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