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help to get British ford gpw M serial number .

Stuart Bray


hi - not sure if this is correct place to post this but tell me if its not .

I have had no joy in getting a key card or B vehicle data card via ricarchive . can anyone help  ? 

my ford Willys  jeep  has chassis no: 127417. 

from a web source I found a reference to 127322 = 20403913, I assume this was its USA number ? in which case do I add the 95 difference and work from there ? 

I am trying to get a British M number for the bonnet . whats the best way to continue ?

thanks in advance . Stuart Bray .

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Stuart. I found the census number for my 42 British Willys by contacting Gerard (I think). He started his research on this forum I believe but seems to have switched to FB. https://www.britishjeep.com/about-us.html 

I got the post war key card from Kew which showed it was one of the last to be demobbed in 1959.


Regards Ron


Jeep 133.JPG

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