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Greetings folks

Steve Martin

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Greetings everyone. I thought I'd join the group, as I've seen much interesting and varied subjects, and hope I may be able to learn more about my own vehicle.

I've owned a BSA WM20 for over 30 years, but never looked to see if details are available regarding census numbers and frame numbers.

Sarge, as he's known in the family, was demobbed in 1968, so must have a little history after WWll because his last overhaul was on the plate as 1955.

I look forward to reading about other members machines. Best regards. Steve.

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Thanks Andy. I was serving in the ROC until stand down in 1991, at 16 Group, Group Control. I tried to fit the whole badge in the avatar, but couldn't quite shrink it down enough. I lost the crown, so focused on Firey Fred and Forewarned is Forearmed instead. My appreciation for spotting it, as we were rather unknown to most folk. Regards. Steve

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Good to meet another Observer. There were approximately 10,500 still in at the end. Our old Group Control is now a veterinary surgery. Looks really odd seeing windows and the top level missing. They have a good display case in the waiting room with kit and information to show what the building was used for. There's also a bronze plaque on the outside wall. The ROCA is still going well, with the benevolent fund overseen by the RAF. Our kit came from RAF Shawbury, which was where I grew up, in the quarters in the early 60s. The Vampires made my ears hurt, though I liked the JPs, and Chippy trainers. Flew out of there in one in 1988. Bad weather, but didn't need the sickbag.

Cheers. Steve

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