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Any ideas as to what part of a jeep this used to be?


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Hi again fellas.  I am still sorting out the various bits and pieces and can actually feel like I am making some progress.  I found this piece of metal behind the flywheel, and it looks as if it has had a bad time.  I have searched the manual and looked at lots of online stuff but cannot find anything that it might be.  Can anyone on here help?  It looks like a I need a new one for  somewhere but until I can find out a description I am stumped.  Thanks, Nigel.



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18 minutes ago, sirhc said:

Is it a clip to keep the lid on a paint tin?

Bloody hell!! yes it certainly does look like one.  I spent hours trawling through the various manuals etc searching LOL.  It just needed a different pair of eyes looking at it.  Thanks you so much.  Ha ha ha and the better thing is I don't need a new one!  I wonder how long that clip had been kicking round in that bell housing?  How many owners ago was it?  I will never know.

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