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Dodge WC51 / WC52 Wheel balance

B series

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I am looking for some info regarding wheel and tyre balancing on a Dodge WC52, and I am sure someone will have had issues with this in the past.

My wheels have a steel balance weight welded to the wheel rim on the inside edge. The weights are the same size and in the same location relative to the tyre valve on each wheel and it does not look as if they have ever been removed for balancing. I assume this steel weight (see photo) is attached by the wheel manufacture prior to tyre fitting, but can anyone confirm?



My front wheels and new tyres run straight true on a balancing machine, but for whatever reason will need 440g & 510g  of weights to balance, if fact this is so many weights that there will not be enough room on the rim to fit them!  The photo with the new weights attached shows half the weights required!  I am wondering about removing the welded steel weights because I think that will help. Has anybody else done this?

It seems strange to me that the wheels with tyres are so far out of balance, but they are.  (I started wheel & tyre balancing in 1970's so have fair experiance over the years, including F1 Team cars, but these good condition Dodge wheels, with new Firestone tyres are the most out of balance assemblies I have ever encountered).

Have other WC owners had wheel balance issues? 






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I had a balancing problem. 

The tyre centre (Profile car& tyreservice, Netherlands) used some sort of liquid inside the tyre for balancing.

Cost a fortune (90 euro! for 2 wheels) but it worked.

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