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Drivers rearward sliding window jambed shut

Ian J

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Hi Guy's

    the drivers rearward sliding window on my Wold 90 is jambed shut.  It seems yo be free on lthe lower track, and the forward track, but not the top track.  Any one out there with a similar experience please?



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Usually stuck on partially decomposed rubber seal.

If you are certain that the pane is unlocked (the front one can slide back and forth), stand outside and sandwich the pane in your hands and gently but firmly try to jar it free. You can also use a razor blade/stanley blade and carefully go around the flat of the pane around the edge.

When you get it free, use the razor blade to scrape any hard/fossilised rubber off of the window pane to help stop it "grabbing" again. A spray with silicone or PTFE lube often helps stop this happening as well.

Good luck,


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I now have new "felt" window guides to install, do I need to remove the window assembly from the door, or is it possible to replace the guides with the door in situ.  EG how do I remove the old felt and replace.





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