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Bedford Tk brake problems

Helen B


Hi there, wonder if you guys can help.. 

We have a 1976 Bedford TK. We’ve had to replace the master brake cylinder however we’re still having issues. 

Even when we’ve bled the brakes it still isn’t gripping until the brake pedal is nearly floored. 

We’ve tried everything. Now wondering if when we fitted the master cylinder, we got the springs & the cap the right way round? 

So we’ve fitted it with the spring inside the cylinder first with the cap on top cap. Should it be this way round? Or should the cap go in first? 

Please see  photos for the cap & the cylinder (please note using the link of cylinder as an example) 


Any help would be much appreciated, many thanks Helen & Phil 



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Going from a rusty memory first thing in is a spring then separator with seals on each end opposite ways around then the first plunger with a spring over it then another seal facing in over then a circlip. But it is 40 plus years since I was inside one. It's a split system part of the cylinder works the front brakes and part works the rear brakes. All of the wheels need the brakes adjusting up correctly to get a firm pedal feel with full air pressure.

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