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1963 Ex army small army

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Ladies and Gents

I am looking at this trailer to go behind my 1983 Land rover the description is from the seller, my questions are,

1. Would it be suitable for an 1983 Land Rover, FFR.

2. What trailer is it so I can try and and get sizes etc. for the tub

As always seek professional advice/ comments 

I have contacted the seller for a picture of the registration plate. 


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It is a Sankey NT (narrow track).   FV 2361

Made by Pressed Steel Co. (Scotland)  /  Rootes Pressings Ltd

Sankey Ltd.    Most of the running gear was by Rubbery Owen IIRC.

Wheel rims  Dunlop Well base ,  ISTR actually in the main done by Sankey.

It would be OK behind a 109" with 7.50x16 tyres , or such as a 88" CL or LWT with 6.50x16 tyres.    In fact it would be fitted with 6.00x16 commercial tyres , some with divided rims found their way on.  Tread would be multi- vee , several small sipes,  like a taxi tyre.  A good alternative was Michelin XCA (radials)  although the MOD did not use that I was aware of, they look very much the same as the various makes of cross-ply used all similar. Dunlop,Firestone, Good Year.

Rated abt. 15 cwt.   I have been daft & with tyre pressures bumped up carried 30 cwt loads of gravel.

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I will measure tub dims.   Single handed I find easier to move around in yard than the later  WT  (wide-track) that more suitable for Defender.  It had increased wheel track and 7.50x16 tyres.

The WT was made by 6 firms that I am aware of ,  different Mk.  IIRC one to 3 ,  Mk. 1 similar to NT with leaf springs but with a tailgate.

The last NT were made about  1975.  These have a few detail differences,  no brass bailers in floor.  Transom with a flap for bowser tap pipe (this could be used as a bailer), this was a conversion to earlier tubs on some NT.

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